It's over 1000!

1,000 (and 1) posts!
Not that any of you people care. Though to be honest, I wouldn't either.
Man, it's only been two months since I've actively par took in the forums. How often do you guys hang around in the forums? As some of you might know, I'm there quite a lot (even though I shouldn't.)


Pinball Fantasy

After reading Jeff's review about The Williams Collection Pinball game it must've of sparked off a connection in the little head of mine. I remember playing a great pinball game on my PC years ago. So with the processing power of Google and five minutes of my time I've found it. Pinball Fantasy! Anyone else here remember this game at all?

Another great thing, it's abandonware now so it's free to get it. You need to work out DOSBox to play it though. I've just played it again, I'm happy to say it hasn't changed since I last played it.

Picked up a PS3 Slim today...

   No matter how harsh the Irish weather may be it certainly isn't going to stop me from buying my PS3. I had only saved so much money and I had just got into college that I thought I should treat myself. Afterall, with the weather getting shittier, what else is there to do than stay in and play videogames? (as I've been doing all summer). So ladies and germs, here is my 120GB PS3 Slim which I picked up at GAME for €395 (I'll explain the price in a minute). 

I would like to point out a very important fact though, despite it being advertised as "33% smaller and 36% lighter" it is by no means, very light. It's heavy, very heavy. So heavy, my hands are raw from carrying the damn thing. So if you're planning on buying one, make sure you bring a big bag!

It may not have the gloss finish or the stupid letters plastered in the front of it but I've taken a shine to it. It looks a lot better in real life than the pictures. Also, it has proper pushy pushy buttons on it rather than the touch sensitive buttons on the fat one. They feel grand so no complaints here.

It's true, it does stand and it can take some tolerance. (But the fact that I'm still breaking out in a cold sweat tells me I shouldn't stand it up). I've tried using the PS2 stand on it. It doesn't help...

It's what you'd expect really, smaller, lighter(-ish), and it should be quieter too apparently. Comes with two USB ports and the usual ports for the HDMI cable and so fourth.
As for the price tag, well, they were selling it for  €299, which came with the console itself with the 120GB hard drive, a controller and one free game but GAME had a special offer of  €395, what did they add? An extra controller worth  €59, and HDMI cable worth €25 and a two year game care plan. Basically it's an insurance thing. If by chance any piece of the hardware breaks due to damage then they'll replace/repair for free over two years. Okay, it did cost €96 more but with the powerful hardware consoles are made out of these days it's worth it over the long term. Better safe than sorry so the saying goes.
So there you go. A PS3 Slim which I bought for  €395. Not bad I say. 
Oh. And Sackboy says hi.
PSN: eroticfishcake. I don't have many multiplayer games as of yet but add me if you feel the need to. (If you're from GB then plese tell me, your username on GB aswell would help since I'm getting confuddled with the amount of people I know).