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LordAndrew said:
"Generic creatures and enemies (Goombas, Piranha Plants, Horstachios, etc.) should be concepts

Someone added all of the generic Resident Evil 4 enemies as characters instead of concepts. Still, I think that there should be a specific section for species/generic enemies/whatever instead of making them concepts.
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Knife only.

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The updated Vort textures were added to the PS3 and 360 version of the original HL2 and Ep1. The PC version has yet to get the graphical update for HL2 and Ep1.

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You realize RE5 is made by Capcom right?

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Dustbowl, Goldrush, and Gravelpit are my favorite maps. Those 3 maps encourage the most teamwork, which is why they are so fun to play.

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1oneWON said:
"I may have interpreted this wrong but does that quote prove that it's being released for the PC or just coded and designed on PC's which will then be optimized for the 360 and PS3. I'm a little naive to the process of developing games but since the PS3 and 360 are essentially computers I thought all games were technically coded on PCs and then transferred, tested, and such on the console hardware.
Capcom's Framework engine works in the same way, and they still release their games on PC. So yeah, it could be a sign that FFXIII will come out on PC a few months after the xbox 360/PS3 versions are relased.

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Just because they will give an option for improved controls, doesn't mean that the game will play like Gears of War.