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@chromium: thanks for that!

I know the devs keep stressing the modding angle. Will be interested to see how far people take it

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Saw the video too. Looks really interesting! How will the city maps / regions interlink and how large can it get?

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Timesplitters 4

This - I miss Timesplitters so much. Had a great time with friends doing the coop campaign

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@sanity: I've been playing as Aragon, and things are slowly chugging along. I've been having a standing army nearish to the force limit with maintenance turned down as you suggested, and haven't had any bad effects in terms of rebels etc.

With religious conversion, you will probably have to pass some national decisions that help rebalance your tolerance for heretics / missionary effectiveness, or take up national ideas that help with this. After Protestantism comes along for instance, Aragon got a lot of national decisions to either start to counter Protestants or allow for more religious tolerance

There is also a national idea that allows at its first tier to get another diplomat; quite a few different national idea trees allow for this at different stages. And yes, if you remove a diplomat mid-annexation, I believe it does reset the timer

I have not found a way to improve your own nations opinion of another nation, which is something I really would like to do...

Hope this helps?!

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Well I've had the joy of my 12 hours of work now lost because I can't connect back to the server my cities are saved on .... That has probably been the most painful aspect of this whole thing

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Really don't like these UK Friday release dates now....

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@chainreaction01: Whilst it's stupid to have to do it this way, I think from a practical point of view dividing groups up by release date (i.e. N. America .v. Others) seems the most sensible way of doing that.

As I said earlier, I'm in Europe, so if other Eurozone people want to gang up, we can!

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I love me some SimCity. But I have a problem that my Origin account friends list is totally barren... Given the new coop slant, does anyone want to join me in creating some Great Works? My Origin account is Daemonhunter24. Not sure how this is going to work out, but it would be nice to have some fellow Duders working together!

I'm Eurozone if that is an issue?

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Timesplitters 2 co-op missions. My friends and I had Oblask Dam on Hard down to an art. We even found ways of taking out the cameras on the other sides of the map way before getting anyway near them using the sniper scop/pistol shot exploit. THose levels got hard quickly though.....

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@Maystack: Ok thanks. I'll give it a go!