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Most short sighted was probably buying and modding a Wii arcade stick just to play Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Since then there have been multiple PC and PS3 adapters for the thing so it turned out ok.

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I would kill for an updated rerelease of King of Dragon Pass, that game is awesome. Death to Duckmen.

I'd given up on the possibility of an Android version and now I hear it's maybe even coming to Vita, awesome news.

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Playing on PC. I wish they gave you an Easy / Normal difficulty option at the start instead of just making NG+ harder, it's closer to old Mega Man levels of difficulty with no turkey, double damage and all but two checkpoints off. The boss rush gets a lot more interesting with turkey only after every other encounter. I'm slowly going for the no deaths / destroy all checkpoints run on a fresh save file, only taking on levels I'm comfortable with. Treasure Knight's up next.

The dream sequences still give me chills, the music is so hauntingly serene and melancholy.

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@sunbrozak: Paul Robertson, I'd recognize his stuff anywhere. Wizorb, Mercenary Kings and the Scott Pilgrim game artist.

The greatest Phyrexian praetor for me.

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@hailinel: I knew there was something I was missing and most reviews make no effort to alleviate that. I prefer the more comic approach SB takes with the cast full of bishie boys so Orochi 3 Ultimate seems like something to keep an eye on.

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Also, the Sengoku Basara games are inferior to the Warriors titles. Smaller, more restrictive maps, less mission objective diversity, and not nearly as many characters.

Have I just played the wrong Warriors games (Orochi and 6) when I thought SB3 and 4 were a lot more fun? Especially 4 has some silly stages and mission objectives, although all of them pit you against a boss at the end. The maps aren't as open but they are distinct and memorable and have you capturing bases all the same. The cast is obviously smaller and Capcom actively holds back old playable characters to justify selling expansions but what's there is pretty unique, what with Hideyoshi pile driving grunts and Hideaki spinning around with his saucepan.

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Brutal Doom was so fun I'm wary of all future shooters.

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Buying it through the Humble store saved me a couple euros, sorry Supergiant if that's out of your pocket.

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Even though I wasn't that into comics or movies I really liked Happy Hour. The segments were often cobbled together but it had structure, it was to the point and I was left wanting more. It was fun seeing the crew thrown a bit off balance, not being able to just wing it. Something akin to that, I guess.