I'm A Golden God!

Holy shit I did it.  I still have 4 Cotton Alley Dark World levels to complete (9, 15, 16, 19), but I just got the achievement.  I'm guessing it's thanks to -1 worlds, but I'll take it regardless.   303 levels beat, 747 on the overall leaderboards.
Total Deaths:   8873 
Total Progress:  101% 
Light World:  100% 
Dark World:  97% 
Normally I'm just a straight-up achievement whore and would stop here, but this is such a damn good game I may just try to finish out the rest of Cotton Alley Dark World and the -1 worlds.


My Thumbs Hurt

After about 3 hours, and more deaths than I care to count, I now have The Kid.  Already paid off in a few Dark World levels in Hell and Rapture.
Still not sure if I'll ever hit 100%, but I feel like one of the major hurdles has now been cleared.


Yo Dawg

I heard you like achievements so we put achievements on your achievements so you can get achievements while you look at your achievements.
Christ, it's kind of sad how effective these little psychological tricks are.