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Is there any specific place to report achievements that shouldn't be with a game? For example, "test 1" and "Auteur Theory"  don't exist for /atom-zombie-smasher/61-34104/, "Coming Soon" doesn't exist for /rush/61-33376/ (and the other Coming Soon is mislabeled). These are only a couple examples, I'm sure there are plenty of others. 
I've tried posting in Delete / Combine, but that doesn't seem to get any attention, so I'd just like to know if there's a better place to report these things.

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A similar issue exists with Rush. There are 2 "Coming Soon" achievements that don't exist, and "Santa's Little Helper," which has been around on the Steam site for more than six months, isn't on the list.

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Just curious if we could get a blanket statement on these achievement update issues. Even if we were told "Hey, they'll only update once a week for non-subscribers," or something along those lines, it'd be nicer than the current roulette system. Mine'll go for days updating regularly, then not update for weeks, then update for awhile, then not for a couple days, etc.

I bring it up now because mine are currently in a week long update gap...

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I see the same thing on OS X, using Chrome 18.0.1025.39.

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@ScottSteiner: I posted a thread about the broken graphs awhile back, thinking it may be related to the achievement bugs somewhere along the line. Never got a reply. :/

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Maybe I'm alone in this, but I don't want any Dark Souls DLC. I feel like this game was about as close to perfect as you can reasonably achieve, and the idea of tacking something else on just makes uncomfortable.

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As you can see, the charts on my achievements page are not functioning. It happened right around the time my achievements stopped updating, so I'm not quite sure if the bugs are related or what. As far as the achievements not updating, I've simply started expecting that to be the case from time to time. However, the broken chart thing is new, so I figured I would point it out.

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@golguin: Thanks for the tip on the trident. That's one of the few random drops I don't have from this run.

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The clams on the way to Seath are really easy to pull one at a time. From there, circle strafe behind them and hammer away.

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@Chop: I feel like I'm massively overleveled at this point (SL in the 90's). Any recommendations of a place to drop the summoning signs at that level? I was hoping to get enough to do the Sunlight Convenant, but I didn't plan far enough in advance to get my summonings in when I was low level.