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My Favorite GTA-Style Game to Date 0

Red Dead Redemption, the sequel to 2004′s Red Dead Revolver, follows in the footsteps of the Grand Theft Auto games, presenting a large open world in which the player has a central storyline and countless side missions. Also in the vein of the GTA games, the player can wreak havoc throughout the world or play a (mostly) saintly character. I have quite a bit to say on the subject of RDR, but for this first piece I’ll stick mostly to a general review. I think I need to start this o...

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It's all about the fall. 0

Limbo is all about the slow descent through an absolutely horrible place.  It's harsh, sometimes startling, vastly unsatisfying, and almost perfect.  Limbo is minimal at its best.  There is no exposition, no words (aside from one larger-than-life sign), no real soundtrack, no tutorials.  Everything you need to know about the game you will learn through subtle environmental clues, assuming of course that you're paying close attention.  If you're not, trial and error will be your guide.  The syste...

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Worth the Wait, but Plan Ahead 0

It's rare that a game delivers on being story-driven for me, but Alan Wake succeeds.  However, this positive note is also a bit of a downer. Let me start off by saying that, as an achievement whore, I went through this game with a collectibles walkthrough next to me.  I was careful to only look one item ahead so that I wouldn't spoil any major story points, but still.  If I hadn't, I would probably rate this game considerably lower.  As I mentioned, the story is the strong point for 90% of the g...

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