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 My only gripe with it is that it looks a bit tacked on. I'm sure there was a better looking way to go about identifying paid members, but whatever, it's not that serious. I doubt it's really doing much with regards to dividing the community--and if it is, people will get over it eventually. If I could turn them off I would, but only for design reasons.

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Did they just call Joel McHale "Mr. Announcer Man"? I am disappoint.

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Is it just me, or does this Kinect-centric press conference seem like the wrong approach considering the type of crowd present at an event like E3?
There really wasn't much to get too excited about with regards to actual games...

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I do this all the time. Sometimes I'm not even sure I want them, but that damn GameFly is always enticing me to keep things...

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@Venatio said:
" Deadly Premonition, would not want to actually play that crap, the ER however is brilliant "
This. I'm not particularly against playing it--after all, I've been hearing good things--but at this point I feel like this game is better off being experienced via Endurance Run
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I was halfway through this download a few days ago...a friend decided to notify me that there was a FREE movie on the PSN, that it was probably a mistake, and that I should jump on and go get it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It was somewhere around the 50% mark that I realized I had absolutely no interest in this movie, free or not. Sometimes just knowing it's free is all it takes. Legally downloading things that were accidentally made free...just makes me feel so...alive.

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I have no problems with it. The point of the quick look is just to get a good look at the game from the perspective of someone just loading it up, as opposed to a trailer or something like this. Whether or not he dies is pretty much inconsequential; besides, someone somewhere is probably going to die just as often. You still get a good look at the game in action, and I doubt anyone is expecting TOURNAMENT LEVEL PLAY from quick looks. That said, I find it incredibly hilarious and entertaining to watch these guys just play, regardless of skill level.

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I honestly doubt there will be much of a difference. What are the chances they completely botch this "port"? It's not very likely. Typically, multi-console games are practically identical, save for the occasional situation where one is significantly better than the other--Bayonetta comes to mind--but even that doesn't seem like enough to completely turn someone away from the game. 
Currently I'm a little torn as to whether I want to get it for PS3 or for 360. The idea of Final Fantasy being "weird" to play on a Microsoft console is not really an issue for me, but I can't shake the feeling that FFXIII is one of the reasons I got a PS3. Getting it on the 360 now would be kind of a bummer, but it's those damn achievements...I can never resist the damn achievements.