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Correct me if I am wrong but.

Mary and Alex are bad guys right? And the second question the members are Rorie, Drew and Brad? If so how come the mission was a fail?

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7.9 million

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This site is great. Needs more puppies.

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Hi, this is Tuesday June 17 and you are listening to the Giant BradCast, I am your host Brad Shoemaker and joining me today will NOT be Drew or Jeff, but Matt Pascal,Crispy, Cyborg Matt and Matt Kelsser from Sony.....

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74.8 millions

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Thanks for making the movie podcast again. While I love to hear you guys review of popular, I specially like you guys talks about indie and smaller movies like I am love in the past and Before Midnight just now. Although I'll probably skip Before Midnight, I did end up watching I am love and went to see Nixon in China afterward

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I consider Alpha Centauri the best political game I've ever played. But I mostly play as communist or university and didn't have a lot of luck playing as tree hugger or peace keeper...

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White card: the real house wives of Giantbomb

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polls like this is why we need a total perspective vortex