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How come you can't flag on mobile site?

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Am I missing something here? No one here is against the following question:

Rea: Can I get my Street Fighter without sexual harassment?

I mean we can argue other things here about this is all blown up out of proportion or whatever Bakhtanians's comment are in jest or not. But all of us can agree that we should get Street Fighter/Fighting communities/MMORPG/or anything without sexual harassment.

Right guys? Right?

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@MattyFTM said:

Firstly, can you afford to take the pay cut? If you have bills to pay that a minimum wage job won't cover, then obviously don't take it. Some things come first, and ensuring you have a roof over your head and have food and heating obviously come first.

Then look at the nursery job. Is there potential for progression? Are you likely to go onto become a supervisor or manager on a higher wage? If not, will having that job on your CV allow you to go onto higher roles at a different company? How long is this likely to take? Do you want to be on minimum wage for that long? Could you study part time (while still working at your current job) for another qualification that will help you get onto your chosen career path at a higher level? What type of childcare job would you have to get to be at your desired pay rate, and is it possible to get there without starting at the bottom? When the economy improves and there are more jobs, will it be possible to start at a higher level with your current qualifications?

Keep asking yourself questions like this. You'll figure out which is best for you.

Pretty much this, and maybe PM this guy, he seems to be doing opposite of what you are doing.

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And how much?

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Not sure what you want to do with your programming skill. Nowadays c++ is used for game engines and native tablet programming. It's a nice foundation to your programming skill to build on with other language, but know that if you aren't building rage or angry birds you will need to learn other programming language.

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PPP is not the creepiest thing on the internet. Please look at 4Chan or deviantart

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@Hizang: Got it.

Another angle to look at what you want to do is to look over what you have learned over the years you study and work on the childcare industry and see what skill sets you have developed that are transferable to other profession. Off the top of my head childcare -> caring for children -> caring -> service industry -> hospital -> nurse. You can try to study to be a nurse. Or childcare -> caring for children -> caring -> service industry -> hotel -> hospitality services. (I have no idea why they all star with h)

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What's the career tree for childcare? From your description your job seems to be in an entry position, why not advance your career?

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@patrickklepek Patrick, are you sure developers of Bastion also asked its fans to write positive review on Metacritic? I know PR for Signal Studios did it but I thought SuperGiantGames did not.

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Well yesterday TNT we saw a truck f*cking a wall so we have that.....