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Well yesterday TNT we saw a truck f*cking a wall so we have that.....

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Great job.

When i saw the topic title I thought you made a song about Vinny based on the song "Honey Honey" by ABBA and replace the word 'Honey' with 'Vinny'

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@RLLink @believer258, you can also try screened forum, I think there are a few people who likes anime: some guy did write up on Gunslingers Girl and Rorie really likes My neighbor Totoro

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Have you play Catherine? If so, what choice did you choose?

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@MrKlorox said:

A: Gamestop deserves bashing.

B: Alex bashes everything.

Alex doesn't bash cute things, check out his review on Winnie the Pooh or Kirby Epic Yarn

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It's the only way to put Patrick on Now screened puppies can edit his profile GBers had enjoy for so long.

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Sports bar, is usually a local watering hole where people eat, drink and watch sports. Most of the time people will gather together at a bar to watch playoff games, MMA fights or other TSN related events (which includes poker). Now, people are gathering at a bar to watch Zerg rushing Protoss in a eSports events in geek concentrated area (Seattle and San Fransisco), in particularly, they are showing StarCraft 2 tournament.


Hurrah for video games.

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While listening to The bugle podcast, John Oliver starts doing a PSA, and the background music sounds so familiar (you can listen to it here, the PSA starts at 20:10 mark) but I can't remember where did it came from. I am pretty sure it's a JRPG and probably be either the xenosaga series or Final Fantasy series as well. Can anyone with a good ear and memory help identify the game and the name? Thanks in advance.

BTW I highly recommend listening to the bugle podcast, it's hilarious

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@sublime90: While I don't live in US, I found that you have no credit puzzling because you have a savings account and a job and if you are paying taxes you should have a credit score - which determines if you are eligible for loans/mortgage/etc. I can understand if you are not approve for a car loan but a credit card is much easier because they can adjust your credit card limits base on your credit score.

You can try to get a credit score to see your credit rating and see if there is something wrong. Warning though, I heard your credit score will lower a little if you ask for a credit rating but if you do it once or twice a year it should be fine.

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Even if you don't agree with extra credits, they are doing something unique and admirable- trying to raise the bar for gaming as a medium to the levels of literature. Trying to argue that games is more than just an escape mechanism but something more (like tangential teaching, or using achievement like system to engage students).

Having said that, unfortunately GB is not the proper platform for them: 1) generally video content (that's not a trailer)is created within WM and WM doesn't freelance videos 2) GB is more or less the video game press and people in the Extra Credits are game developer. While I agree that if there is a deal between Extra Credits and WM the relationship will be professional and ethical GB doesn't need more hands to mouth symbolism. 3) There is a potential legal issue with Extra Credits and WM doesn't need to get involved.

All in all I wish the best for Extra Credits and salute what they are doing, because as their tag line said "Because games matters"