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Mirei Kiritani is relatively new to movie, she mostly did TV drama in Japan. Hiroki Narimiya is probably most famous for his role in NANA. And Takumi Saito was in 13 Assassins (he was the young lord whose was kill after Lord Naritsugu raped his wife in the beginning of the movie) Overall, I think this is probably a B movie.
Well at least this time it's not a musical where the entire cast is made up of women

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I don't know what you guys are arguing about, the rest of the western world is already in deployment phase:

 In an interview with RTL radio, French government spokesman Francois Baroin said France plans to participate in "swift" efforts.


British Prime Minister David Cameron said the United Kingdom has started preparations to deploy aircraft, and "in the coming hours" they will move to air bases where they will be positioned for any "necessary action."  


 Spain will offer NATO the use of two military bases and provide air and naval forces for use in operations involving Libya,


Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said it is closing the Italian Embassy in Tripoli and will actively participate in the effort.

Even Canada,

 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada is sending CF-18 fighter jets to join a Canadian warship on standby off the coast of Libya.

 While US, is still talking

The Pentagon, meanwhile, announced Friday that Defense Secretary Robert Gates will travel to Russia this weekend as the United States and other nations deliberate action against Libya.

To me, US is the most laid back one here.

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You can believe two are true at the same timejust each is in their own category: ID is philosophy and believe and evolution is natural science .

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@Mikewrestler5 said:
" @Sweep said:
" @Mikewrestler5 said:
" Saying they're too busy is a joke, much like a lot of the responses in this thread. I have sent private messages to people who have done more with their life than Jeff, Brad, Vinny, Dave, and Ryan combined. And guess what? They all answered my questions. "
Maybe they just don't like your fucking arrogant tone? "
Maybe I don't like their elitist mentality? "
It's not elitism if they don't reply just you. It's discrimination.
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You will have to pry my  pronunciation of "z",  the spelling of colour and organization from my cold dead hands sir!

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I am going to call  Bayonetta on this one: It's not that the show portrays geeks (I wouldn't call them gamers cause they play Mario kart with the drive wheel, no gamer will do that) as weird, everyone in the show is weird. Penny? She is so close to valley girl and so unreal that a waitress at a cheesecake factory can earn enough money to live alone. It's not that the show just gets the geeks wrong, it gets everyone wrong.

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Let's look at it this way: COD BO has a zombie mode while L4D is a zombie game. Now, if you say COD zombie mode is better then you are saying that something  Treyarch did a mod or an add-on is better than something Valve did as a game. That does put Treyarch a better game developing company than Valve. That is something I am not going to agree with.  
Having said that, I am sure COD BO zombie mode is fun to play and very successful because it was brought back from COD WAW, but I think Valve put more effort on making L4D.

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I think the 3DS is being rushed right now and gonna wait for 3DS lite before purchasing, unless there are a lot of compelling games out there at launch date.

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If Nintendo doesn't roll out the 3DS this year, it is going to get crushed by Microsoft and Sony with Kinect/Move during the Christmas season. So I would think the business side of Nintendo (or should I say, the entire Nintendo) would want to roll out 3DS this year.

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According to Internet rumors (just search 3DS on Google news) 3DS will be out on Nov 20th. So far Nintendo has either confirm or deny the rumor. Hopefully, Nintendo will have something to announce on September 29.

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