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I never met you Ryan and I'm sure I am genuinely worse off because of it. Thank you for the hours upon hours upon hours of content, laughs and general shenanigans that you provided me and my younger brother with over the years. I would look forward to every Bombcast, TNT & Friday show, especially when I was going through some rough times, just for the 2 or so hours of enjoyment you and the other guys would bring.

But even now, after you're gone, remember. China don't care.

Rest in peace buddy

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Normal +

Wizard/Demon Hunter


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Bonk Boy, The Milkman, Troublemaker's Tossle cap, Killer's Kabuto, Defiant Spartan
The Soda Popper (or a Crit-A-Cola), The Winger, The Loch-N-Load, The Brass Beast, The Quick-Fix, The Atomizer
Willing to Trade:
Football Helmet, Magnificent Monglian, Ye Olde Baker Boy, Sniper & Pyro Mask
The Half-Zatoichi, The Battalion's Backup, The Mantreads, Ali Baba's Wee Booties, The Persian Persuader x2, The Ambassador, Few Name and Desc Tags, Metals
ID: or PM me, thanks!
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Pew pew pew!

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Im down for some SCII'ness!
Espio - 898

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Mananged to finally beat it yesterday after 4 hours of on and off trying. 1st stage was by far the most difficult for me and once it was done, I wouldnt dare Alt+tabing out in case it crashed. I can safely say that  the 1st stage was the hardest thing I have beaten in all my time gaming. Worth it!

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GT: Espio25
Love the Firefight and pretty good at Competitive too!
Let me know your a GB user when you send a Friend Request :D

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Batman, Batman, Batman: Arkham City was a better choice :(

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