A love/hate relationship with BB:Continuum Shift's Tutorial Mode.

Finally, after months and months of off and on attempts, I have finally bested the tutorial mode in BlazBlue Continuum Shift. 
I have spent hours and hours trying the input methods of the selected lessons, hoping to get the timing right. Some of them were quite difficult, others a breeze. 
But oh man, freaking "About Counters" in the intermediate section can go take a flying leap into a never-ending pit of fire. This lesson has had me stuck for MONTHS. It was always the first part of the lesson that I couldn't get past.  

It was something along the lines of "quarter back circle + A, DASH, Standing B, Standing C, quarter back circle + A, and then quarter back circle D". (I don't know the proper fancy lingo the folks on dustloop use, sorry)
The inputs themselves were relatively easy, but the game is SUPER particular about your timing. Like, you have to be exact, not a moment sooner, and not a moment later. So I had times where an attack wouldn't connect because freaking BANG would block, or I had times where the combo would connect and keep on going until the very end. Before I would finish the combo, the combo counter would reset for what seemed like no reason at all. Quite infuriating! 
Nevertheless, I kept at it, hoping that my timing would re-adjust itself as I made more and more attempts. Finally, after FOUR consecutive hours, I got it down, and was able to move on to the next part of the lesson. Of course, another Doozie! It was late, 5 am. My inputs were getting sloppier and sloppier. Made a bunch of stupid mistakes. Decided to call it a night and try again when I woke up. BUT OH NO! I can't quit out of the tutorial without having to do that first part again... So I had to leave my PS3 on over night, and my room got quite hot while I was sleeping. You think it would feel nice cause its the Winter season. Well, not in Texas. 
Got up later that day (today), turned on some music, and went at it again. This time, I muted the game volume. As much as I love hearing Bullet Dance playing on repeat (Believe me, I do) I couldn't stand to hear Ragna's or Bang's smart-ass remarks. Simply because it would remind me of my constant failure.  

So the lesson this time was concerning Fatal Counters and then combo-ing afterwards. The tutorial wanted me to "Crouching C (Induced a fatal counter), Standing D (Both Hits), Dash Cancel, Standing D (Both Hits), Dash Cancel, Standing D" for a total of SEVEN hits. I had the same problems I did with the previous part. Timing. Watching the Sample Playback would only infuriate because I felt their Ragna was faster than mine. WHY OH WHY wouldn't my Ragna go straight into STANDING D after DASH CANCELING. Why would he just pause and watch Bang recover while still in the air. ARGHHHH. After THREE hours of constant attempts, I FINALLY GOT IT! 
However, in my excitement, I shouted "Fuck YES!" and slammed my hand down on my fightstick, accidentally pressing the Sample Playback button before the window fully disappeared. "SHIIIIIT!" followed afterwards as it rebooted my Ragna in the default fight position, with the window of commands reappearing at the top. A true Facepalm moment if I ever had one. 
But it was ok, another 20 minutes of doing the same commands, I finally got it down and proceeded further into the tutorial lesson. To my dismay, there were more parts of the lesson, but was glad to find out they were about throw counters. A simple button press of R2 to interrupt Bang's attack with my throw and I was well on my way to the end. 
Part four was also a breeze, Crouching A and Throw. Simple. To my delight, that was the final part of the lesson, and I was rewarded with my "Ragna Cum Laude" trophy! 
Now I know a lot of this sounds like I absolutely despise the tutorial system, but thats not the case at all. I actually appreciate that they took the time to explain this game's mechanics and what makes it's gameplay special apart from other fighters to new players of the genre/series. It has a very well-done voiced tutorial, voiced by the always-entertaining and insulting Rachel Alucard. It offers a plethora of advice and strategies to help deal with superior opponents as well. 
 I only wish it offered some sort of metronome or timer when showing you the examples of the moves you need to do in order to progress. Also, a feature on the side where you can see what button inputs you or the computer are making like what you find in SSFIV.     
A big thanks to Girls Dead Monster's Shine Days for finally helping me get the timing down. Playing this game to music, I found, is quite helpful when trying to figure out the rhythmic timing inputs. 
What are your thoughts on the tutorial system in BlazBlue, and what would you like to see added or improved?


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Link It's a PC game where you control a submarine. I believe it was yellow. You shoot torpedoes, and one of the enemies I remember are piranhas. It was very colorful and cartoony. Not sure about the year, but I'd guess 1990-1998 or something. It was when I was young, and I am 23 now.    


All I remember is that the sub was all yellow. You had to get air, as in Dr. Riptide. The piranhas was really dangerous, and I think that when you got killed by them you saw your pilot as a skeleton. It was more of a time sidescroller. Might have been some weird knock-off made from Dr. Riptide, 'cause it looks very much like it, but it's not quite right.  


But I distinctly remember that the sub was all yellow, and that the piranha's where deadly. Also I think you had to go topside now and then to get air.    


It's not:  In Search of Dr. Riptide, Operation Neptune


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There was this PS2 (or PS1) game, it starred this samurai whose body parts were stolen from him (around 40) by demons when he was a baby, and his parts were replaced with cyborg components. The cyborg parts have weapons built into them. The game starts in black and white, but it turns to color when he gets his eye back (the first body part). There was also this little kid who was his companion; I knew you could play as the kid, but I don't remember if it was a boy or a girl. Anyone know what game I'm talking about? Please help.

Blood Will Tell  - First suggested by Csaint.  
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There was this one game for the PC - it wasn't very well known, I don't think. It was a puzzle game in which you controlled a character with green suspenders and a green bowler hat, walking around rooms that contained death traps that were usually laser beams. You had to step on switches or move mirrors to redirect the beams, and if you walked into a beam, you'd be treated to a close up of you Character's body with a hole in it (no blood or anything, just a clean hole through the stomach), and then the character would fall over dead. This game was made in the very early 90's, I think. The main character was also a kid, and I think he was black, but I'm not sure about that. 
Anyway, it was a reasonable puzzle game but seeing my character being lasered to death repeatedly freaked me out when I was four years old.

Rescue Rover  - As suggested by BeachThunder  
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I think I found myself a new Hobby!


 Don't mind Ms. Vermillion in the back, shes just relaxing.
I made Noel Vermillion thanks to these handy blueprints provided by  http://www.cubeecraft.com/genre/pop-culture/ . Took about 4 hours (First hour was trying to get the printer to scale the page properly). I was driven to finish by my desire to have a Noel "figure." Not quite the real thing, but still just as awesome because it was something I created. Or I put together at least.
I kind of want to make another one, not sure which design to go with though. Maybe a Jin, so then I can smelt him. 
Anybody else mess with papercrafts? I thought it was kinda neat. Fiddling with a X-Acto knife while listening to Cake. Relaxing, I thought. 
Here's the Blueprint I used: 

Looking for Anime Suggestions & Parasite Eve

First off, let me just say that I'm asking for Anime suggestions. If you can't contribute to the topic, then please don't post anything. If you do post something stupid, I will not dignify it with a response. I know half more than half of the community here are just "followers" and will say something because they think they're being clever. 
Ok, now that that is out of the way, let us continue. 
I'm in need of some help with picking a new Anime to watch. I've been in an Anime mood lately (probably because of BlazBlue and Persona). I just finished Angel Beats (loved it) and don't know what to watch next. (I only got the idea to watch Angel Beats because I saw a lot of wallpapers of it on wallbase.net) 
I will watch mostly anything... mostly.  
Currently watching:  

  • Death Note
Here are the Anime that I have seen already, so you can get an idea of my tastes: 
  • .hack://SIGN
  • Elfen Lied
  • Gantz
  • Devil May Cry
  • Chobits
  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Code Geass
  • Angel Beats!
  • Howl's Moving Castle
  • Gunbuster 1&2
  • Wolf's Rain
  • Clannad/ Clannad After Story

And that about covers all the ones I've seen. I've seen them all in their entirety and loved them. It also helps if the show has awesome music, such as .hack://SIGN, Angel Beats, and Ghost in the Shell. I already got a hold of both Wolfs Rain and Cowboy Bebop solely for the fact that Yoko Kanno does music for both shows.  
With that, there are some that I don't really want to watch due to their length. Shows such as the Dragon Ball series and Naruto series. I prefer my Anime to be around 2-3 seasons.  
There are some that I have been thinking about watching, and they include Clannad, the rest of the .hack:// series, and others. But would rather hear someone's opinion on them first, so I don't end up wasting my time. (Even though I won't enjoy something, I will see it through to the end) 
Kind of unrelated, but since Third Birthday was announced for the PSP, my interest in the series has been growing. Unfortunately I never played any games in the Parasite Eve series, and don't really know what any of them are about. Having said that, does anyone know a good Lets-Play or Long-Play of the two games. I've seen a number of them on youtube, but I don't want to start watching a lets play with a crappy narrator. I've only seen Let's Plays from Kikoskia. I want to watch them because I doubt PSN will release the originals any time soon, and I don't really have the time to hunt them down and play them. My backlog is large enough as it is. 
Thanks for any and all help. And if you're here to call me a jerk, I won't fight ya. My bad for enjoying Animes more than I do RealityTV and other American shows. 
 ~! An Update.  
I'm on episode 19 of Clannad and I gotta say I'm really enjoying it. Sure it isn't packed with crazy action scenes and a terribly interesting plot. But the mood of the show is just such a nice refreshing change compared to the previous shows I have watched. 
Not surprisingly, Clannad and Angel Beats! are very similar. (Same director I believe) I've learned from watching these shows that when the protagonist meets one on one with another character from the show, to prepare for a horribly sad scene and grab the tissue box (Not that I bawl that much to actually require tissues, just saying that to illustrate a point. Although episode 9 and 14 of Clannad did have me in tears. In Angel Beats... it was nearly every one on one confession) 
Anyway, I shall keep on trekking through it, soaking up every last second. It really is a beautiful show. 
Just finished the first season of Clannad... so beautiful and cheerful. I like shows that end that way. I'm all warm and fuzzy inside. Time to watch the After Stories. I hope it keeps its charm.
I just finished watching all of the Clannad series. Now I need a hug. 
No joke, from episode 18 and on in After Story I was in tears. Without a doubt, Clannad is my favorite anime series at the moment. It had such an impact on me. Not just emotionally, but physically as well.  
I feel like turning over a new leaf in my life after watching the hardships the cast had to endure. I know it was just a show, and it may be silly to think such things. But I was truly touched. 
I know it might just be an after-effect of watching a really good show, and that I may forget about how I felt while I was watching it. That's why I'm adding Clannad related images to my shuffling wallpapers. So when I see them, I can remember. Cheesy, I know, but I really don't care. 
I also plan on re-watching this show, most definitely. 
Proof that a show doesn't need over-the-top action, nudity, or gore to be interesting or entertaining. 
Thanks to everyone who recommended Clannad to me.  
Now I'm off to find the soundtrack!       

My 21st Bday/First blog post/My Intro to GiantBomb

So I decided to post up a blog about my 21st birthday while I wait for my position in the Queue for FFXIV to go down. I'm not promising any form of entertainment, I just thought I'd write something, and to also clear that birst blog thing. Hey, it's content is better than the folks who are like "Yay! Blog," and that's it. At least I hope the content is better.
On July 19th, 7:19 PM, I turned 21. The day itself was rather uneventful as I just spent the afternoon cleaning house and kicking my little sister...  
...off the leaderboards on Wii Fit Plus. 
In the evening though, My dad and his friends took me to a bar to buy me my "first" public alcoholic beverage. It was a pretty fun night. My drinks consisted of two screwdrivers and nine Long-Island Ice teas. I didn't pick the drinks, I asked for suggestions, and that's what they gave me. 
(I honestly know nothing about alcohol because I've never thought it to be that big of a deal) 
We played some Pool and threw some darts, and I did pretty well I think for the amount of alcohol I had consumed. 
The night ended around 3 am, I had successfully puked 3 times, the fourth was on my dad's friend while I was heading for the trashcan... my bad. I'm not sure if I can classify as that night being my first time drunk. I didn't wake up with a hangover, I was still fairly competent the whole night, and I still remember everything. I got a little sick though, but that was probably due to amount I drank, and having never drank before, my body was probably all like "WTF?!" 
Still, good times.
But the weekend leading up to my bday was pretty rad. Some of my friends from out of town came down and hungout with me for the weekend. We went to go see Inception (Awesome movie) and played some pool and videogames. A lot of time spent was playing some new f2p mmo called Divine Souls (they brought their rig) and starting a play through of Valkyria Chronicles. One of my friends had gotten me a blu-ray version of Kung-fu hustle (fun movie), but the other two... man did they blow me out of the water. 
They got me a Hugging Pillow Case of Noel Vermillion (a lil bit NSFW) from BlazBlue. They know how much I'm obsessed with Noel (My desktop is of her, my pspGO background is of her, and for 3D dot game heroes I made an accurate representation of her for my protagonist), and I guess they thought it would be fun to import a body pillow case for me. Needless to say I though it was an awesome gift, and I do strive to own anything related to Noel. Now I just got to get my hands on that petit nendroid and this awesome Noel figure that I don't think I will ever own T_T. 
Welp! That's all I got. If you read this, thanks. If not, no biggie. I was just thinking this would be a suitable topic for my first blog on GiantBomb. My hope is to be more involved with the Community here since its such a wonderful site. I haven't been part of an online community since my MyTheme days six years ago. And I kind of miss the Spontaneous friendships that could arise from such a place. Usually I'm turned off by other site's forums because of their community. Everywhere I go I see the same overused Internet meme's and catchphrases by people who think they are being clever, and I just find it to be such a drag. Here, however, I noticed to be a little different. Also, I feel like those of us who watched the Endurance Runs in their entirety share some sort of special bond. Heh. 
I first discovered this site through Kotaku (which is slowly going downhill I feel) through some guy's comment about a Quick Look about the game in the article late last year. I was thoroughly entertained and proceeded to watch all the other QLs. And then out of curiosity I clicked the ER tab and was blown away that they had played through such a massive game, while still entertaining the audiences. When I finished the ER, I was pretty bummed out. It was the ending to one of the greatest things I had ever viewed, ever, in the form of media. 
It wasn't until the addition of quests did I slowly get more involved with the community here at GiantBomb, by making forum posts here and there. 
I own both a PS3, Wii, 360, and PC so feel free to add me on either platform. My spend most of my time on the PC and PS3 though... 
PSN: MaceX 
GT: MaceXx 
Steam: gameking@houston.rr.com (i made that when I was like 14) 
Wii: uh, I don't really play online on it. But if I do, its monster hunter. So no need to post giant long friend code. 
Feel free to message me, I don't mind answering any questions or just chatting. 
And FF14 isn't working for me... argghhhhh.