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Very cool of Studio to give a shoutout and acknowledgement of the donation incentive Hassun pitched. I understand why it couldn't be added as a last minute thing, so it was nice to at least have that.

Very entertaining run and commentary Studio!

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@hippie_genocide: I play on ps4, but since its crossplay it doesn't really matter. Runs fine on ps3 as well, with just a lil bit less detail.

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Does GB at least still do any fight nights for the game?

We'll update the XRD Fight Night thread when one of us (usually Mike or me) hosts a lobby for duders to join. Times are kinda random at this point and theres no set schedule. Just whenever we feel like mashin'. Weekly Tournies and Scheduled Fight Nights kinda died out due to low interest/attendance.

We have a skype group that houses "most" of the anime FG scene on GB. Thats usually the best place where we coordinate matches and just mess around in other games.

I will probably host a lobby some time today, directed towards beginners as I'm suppose to "teach" someone the ways of XRD. So feel free to join that.

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I absolutely loved MGO for ps3 so I hope the new MGO has been progressing well in its development. I follow the studio on twitter and get their "updates" which are not updates of any kind... More of a "yea, we're still working on it, but we're not sharing anything a this time."

I was a lil worried when they showed that first bit of footage cause it looked like they were taking a class based approach, and I personally have 0 interest in class based shooters nowadays. But, MGO was special. Had a lot of personality and unique modes that were a ton of fun (Team Sneak is amazing) So I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt and just wait and see.

@zlatko: The weekend tournies were SO much fun. I was a part of Exiled Ops (which was one of the top15 clans, that later got absorbed into Recon Unit, which was top6) and we spent so much time practicing and hanging out in that awesome lobby system where we would just run around freely discussing strats and stuff. Unfortunately, it became unfun when the cheaters really got rampant and would just dominate every match. Killed any desire I had to participate in those tournies, and then shortly after just stopped playing entirely.

So I hope MGS5's MGO can rekindle those experiences. I really do.

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PSN has been funky since yesterday. I can't add any funds and I can't access customer support regarding adding funds... soooo I can't renew my PS+ yet and download this. I've been waiting a year to finally play this again too...

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@bocam said:
@arbitrarywater said:

From what I understand, Nier basically contains Metal Gear Solid 2 amounts of crazy in its story and gameplay and some people were way into that.

The Insanity of Nier makes MGS2 look like a fly on the wall. For example Nier actually ends up erasing all of the player's save data if they see the "best" ending. Said "best" ending leads to a character fucking a corpse of a young boy who resembles the MC.


Pretty sure that spoilery bit didn't happen... at least not in the NA version of Nier. Or maybe it did, but it was something you had to read in between the lines to get. But I'm pretttttyyyyy sure that didn't happen.

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Possibly after Nintendo's thing

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@xerxes8933a: Hey man thanks for the giveaway. One thing though, when I try to redeem Just Cause, it says its already been redeemed and can't be added to my library. And its not already there, I don't think.

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@gearsol: Not frequent. Its kinda random. Speaking of which, I believe Mike and John are mashing right now in the usual place.

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@gearsol: Yea man, GGs. That random party was silly. Everyone kept getting I-No but me. There was some weird bias goin on there. Butyea, I posted here the moment we set up the lobby. Don't really know of the best way to contact you for that kinda stuff other than here. I guess maybe PSN, but that would only help if you were already online.

As for your Millia game, you gotta start playin her hard knockdown/mixup shenanigans with oki disc! Thats where she shines!