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@believer258: The account has been around since 2013 and at least he had the decency to leave a thanks. Yall just salty he got to it first.

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Thank you for the reminder!

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Although its already been confirmed that there is in fact a big loot reward, I'm still a little disheartened by all the people saying "Wow, whats the point if no loot?!".

What about just the rush from something new and challenging? I guess that type of mentality is long gone and only the promise of loot will keep people interested. I find that kinda sad...

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10 hours is kinda extreme, they must be slow learners. One of the more famous BL2 speedrunners I follow, ProfessorBroman, just finished it for the first time in a hour and fifty. They had somewhat prior knowledge cause they had attempted some of it yesterday but had to regroup and try again today after a bug reset the raid.

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@fattony12000: I did get the Done! message for joining the NA East clan, but I'm still pending on setting it as my Playstation Clan.

Same goes for me.

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Sent a request to be added to LF NA East and the LF group.

name is MaceX

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I've been excited for this game since it was announced. I've always wanted a Rhythm game for Persona music.

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Nice, I'll be joining this.

PSNiD: MaceX

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@mast: I played the beta on ps3 and it ran fine. Obviously it looked worse than the current gen versions, but still perfectly acceptable for ps3 graphics.