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I'm baaaaaaaaack... and with a PS4 stick.

PSNiD: MaceX

Challonge: ESREVE12

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@corevi said:

It doesn't but if you still want to try it out there's a demo for it available on both PS3 and PS4.

EDIT: Seems the PS3 demo got removed.

Same with the PS4 demo, it quit working for me the day the full game was released.

Much like its JP counterpart, those demos were only there for 2 weeks. Pretty stupid to have a timer on it imo since all it was was Sol and Ky and very limited features.

There is no stylish mode here. That said, if you want story, you don't have to worry about being good since there is ZERO interaction with the story mode. Its just a 4 and a half hour anime movie.

Regarding learning the game and its mechanics. There is a VERY good built in mode called tutorial and mission which teaches you the basics in an extremely easy to understand manner. It won't take long at all to get the gist of it and then apply what you learned in Mission mode to get an even better understanding. People really shouldn't be using the excuse that Guilty Gear is too overwhelming for them to get into. All the tools are there to become competent at the game.

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I will buy this game again.

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Make a new one for current gen Sega. Do it! Playing through it again on PC, still like this game a whole lot. Susie best scout!

P.S. : @nefarious_al: Aika best scout. She's from Skies of Arcadia, damn it !

Freesia York is best scout AND best girl!

...Jann is best Lancer

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Have you seen Kynos' FF8 100% runs? Do that.

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Hello Fellow Duders!

I will be starting my ExtraLife stream in a few hours (12am central) and just wanted to give yall an updated itinerary. Stream will be at

Mace's ExtraLife Schedule/Plan: - Starting around 12am-1am 10/25

Main events:

-Dark Souls II ALL BOSSES (including DLC) "speedrun" - est. 8 hour (at most)

-Mirror's Edge "speedrun" - no more than 90 mins

-Malicious PB attempts - will prolly spend a hour or two on this

-Love+ derust/PB attempts - this is a really short game

-First to 50 with MikeFightNight in Guilty Gear +R - no idea how long this will take. I get a $1 for every win! (RIP MY WRIST)

Backup games:

-Finish Drakengard 3

-a 1001 Spikes ng+ playthrough with a new character

-some rougelike? (maybe sword of the stars the pit)

-Start Trapt for PS2 (and maybe finish it? I heard its a short game)

-Show off some .hack//Versus

You can see the rest of the backup games in the pastebin link I provided above.

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@deadpanjazman: I played the demo for that enjoyed and it a bit. I'll take it if you still have it!

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I would love to be able to experience Nier, 999, and VLR for the first time again.

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I just wanted to say that I really like watching GreenAce's Trish. Shes one of my fav characters in it, and the things he does with that character are pretty hawt.