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Ohgawddddd, just finished the first ep of the DLC. Unrelated to the actual DLC, my cleric build got nerfed harddddd. It was really difficult to continue on that build through the DLC, but I managed (RIP nearly all my consumables)

So, the things I really liked. The Sunken City is a really cool area and the level design/puzzle elements were awesome. Wish there was more of that in the game. New enemies were neat and frustrating at times, wouldn't be doing their job if they weren't. The ghosts that become "tangible" when you destroy their armor were really cool. Fuck Jester Thomas. The blood dragon knights you encounter were really good too. An actual battle those encounters were.

Now onto the things that I hated. The first two bosses. Ohhgeeez, how I hated these fights. First I took on the squid lady whatever her name was. She was so good at everything! I mean I guess it was a fun fight looking back at it because I had to play really smart. But man, she'd bait my attacks, teleport, and try to hit me with a bunch of hexes. She would wombo combo you too. She'd cast the exploding fireball that summons near you, then shoot hex spells to try to "zone" you (for lack of a better term) back into the fireballs. Oh, and then she summons fucking Velstadt! (or 3 skeles, or the 3 piggies from the start of the game) But most the time I got Velstadt... BACK TO BACK.

The optional fight, the trio of grave robbers. Fuck these guys. Fuck the people who decided they should be a boss encounter. Fuck their ability to dodge and recover instantly. Just fuck everything about that fight. I could see how that fight would be a lot more manageable with a team. But I like to play DS2 solo, so thats how I do. This was the most infuriating thing ever. Why can the can Havel armor run so gaddamn fast. Everything about the fight was horrible. I had to exploit the enemy AI by making them chase me somewhere where they had to backtrack and I could just jump down so I could keep them away as long as possible while I dealt with the ranged dude. Then I would just try to spam my special attack on the axe I got from the first boss fight. I ended up burning through so many consumables because my spell's cast amount were heavily nerfed. I finished Havel off by getting him on the ledge just a lil above me and spamming Heavy Thunderstorm (don't remember the exact name) and prayed to RNGeesus that one of the bolts would hit him. The reward for that was not even worth it. I got a Flower Skirt...

The Final boss fight against Sinh was awesome. Finally, a unique boss that looked pretty rad and was a proper fight. He ended up being the easiest for me. Just two handed my craftman's hammer (thats still my best one handed hammer, I wish there were more) covered it in lightning and went to town.

So yea, that was my experience. Cool new area and enemies. Bad two boss fights. Awesome finale fight. Loot is... average. (chainwhip sword sounded cool, but wasn't that effective for me) Please unnerf miracles :(

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Well thats gonna wrap up my session for the day/night. Hit Lvl 10 which seems to be the lvl cap for the beta and did all the story missions in the midwest region. Drove to New York and upgraded to a dirt kit and then drooled over the cars I can't buy yet (but test drove them anyway). Looking forward to doing some of the pvp stuff with you guys maybe.

Doesn't seem like a lot of interest for this game which is crazy to me cause I've been having a blast. Feels like a combination of Burnout Paradise, Smuggler's Run, and Driver San Francisco.

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@zella: Ah, I haven't tried setting up my DS4 for PC yet. There has been a lot quirky "beta" shenanigans on my end gameplay wise. Took me numerous tries to get my car customized without getting an error message and being returned to the frontend. There was also a mission that didn't trigger the end properly when I played in coop.

But thats beta stuff and will probably be ironed out in time. Overall its been a positive experience and looking forward to playing with more people.

@andorski said:

Did they already release the beta keys? I didn't get one. =(

Yea, keys for the first PC Closed Beta have been sent out. Not sure if they're handing out more for this phase over the next couple of days. Sorry you didn't get one yet :/

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@zella: Are you having difficulties playing it on a 360 controller? I've been using a DS3 and have had zero issues so far. (Not that I think there would be an advantage with playing on a DS3)

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I didn't want to be the one to make this kind of thread, but since there was no thread of its kind (or any thread at all! Seriously, hows there 0 threads for this game) I figured I'd bite the bullet and start one.

So the PC Closed Beta for The Crew is out and I'm having a pretty good time. You know what would make it an even better time? Making a car gang with like minded duders.

I guess just post your Uplay (yes, I know) name if you have the beta and want some people to play with.

I'll Start, my Uplay ID is MaceXx. Feel free to add me!

GB NameUPlay ID
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Please just give me Short Hair Bayo already, the wait is killing me. I will prolly end up playing through the first one again when I get it "bundled" with the second.

I saw the vid that compared Bayo1 and Bayo2 enemy reactions when hit. Its a little thing, but I appreciate how much thought and care they're putting into this sequel. Afterall, this is the game I got a WiiU for.

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Persona 3 Portable for me.

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This game better be worth it!

Signing up

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Signing up for what will be the last +R Weekly for awhile (or maybe forever!)

See yall in UNIEL, hopefully its good.