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IGN Review  
Brutal.... I don't thnk I can say much more than that, a 5.1, that's even worse than gamespot, and IGN is usually soft. 
There is quickly becoming a rift between the reviews... 

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Seriously, what the heck is a point of a gaming PC nowadays? 
I pour so much money into my PC because I need it for work, but it can easily be considered a top tier gaming pc by standards, however 80%+ of the games that I play are on the PS3.

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The game needed more interrupts... 
My favorite is the guy out the window one.

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Captain Anderson 
'nuff said.

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from what Ive seen on WK, I can tell that it's not perfect. Another thing that isn't perfect is the review. 
After reading it, it sounded like the reviewer did not put any thoughts into writing it, basically two pages of bickering and complaining on how the story was crap, and the combat was crap - sounds like a biased opinion. 
Watching the review is even worse; the reviewer is bland and boring and has nothing worthwhile to say. 
The biggest problem with the game is an engaging story to keep you playing - that and a truly 'open world' experience. 
If the open world experience was done right, this game could have been so much more, along with the story. I can only think of one game that came close to it - Ultima IX: Asscencion, and FF12 in some manner. 
It sounds like gamespot just has a pole up their ass (they always sound like that, and that's the reason I don't go there). Below is a list of other reviews, and the game looks - okay, 

Game Informer02/02/10Review7.25 out of 10
Game Revolution02/02/10Review B-
GameSpot02/02/10Review 6 out of 10
GameZone02/01/10Review 8 out of 10
Playstation Official Magazine UK04/01/09Review8 out of 10
Eurogamer02/18/09Review 8 out of 10
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@FluxWaveZ: Kudos to that. 
That and the Cosplay, obsessive manga/anime reading/watching, model kit building, dojinshi, eroge, jpop, mhmm what else can I add?
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Well looks like it's going over about as  well as  the Titanic. I will post a brief review of Ookami Kakushi sometime next week after I return from a business trip. 
See you later GB community, fun corporate functions await for me *hurray* 
We shall see how it goes for the first Episode haha.

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Yes, you guys are right. I never thought of that. I will re-create my AV profile and go on there. But will post links here. Now must go back to research, must find out how vorcha STD made it aboard ship, very dangerous (ME2 quote)

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@JeffGoldblum: Well that's a great idea, but last time I was on AV, I was flooded with nude pictures of Hatsune Miku on my profile for stating that Genshiken had a lot in common with Haruka no Himitsu. (Anyone have an Idea of waht I am talking about?)