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Hello all, Ive been a member of giant bomb for a while but havent really posted (don't think I did) on the forums. 
2 days ago (as of this) my 360 redringed; now normally I would send it to MS, but being my 4th broken 360 since launch I gave up (that and the fact that I opened it up to clean the dust and replace the thermal comound because it was overheating all the time). The next step for me was that I bought a PS3 slim (yay hurray for me). 
Now, never playing a PS3 (or any PS console other than the PSP) I have no experiance with it. 
The thing that got me mad the most would be the controller layout - the thumbsticks being at the bottom instead of the xbox arangement, how do you guys manage to aim and shoot with those, it makes it so uncomfertable, well i guess it will get used to it in time. 
Secondly, what good j.rps are there for the PS3 (PS3 exclusives, because chances are I played pretty much every non-exclusive and 360 grpg out there)? I havent been following the PS3 games and don't even know which games are good or not (I only know the good games that are for ps3/360 and the 360 exlusives) 
And thirdly, dust - this would probably be the most important issue for me. 
Maybe I havent really noticed, but it seems that the PS3 slim is a dust magnet compared to the 360 (maybe its the color). And For some reason my appartment is really dusty all the time (but I vaccum regularely and dust and clean XD). What about the dust in the vents? Call me paranoid but from so many broken [360] consoles I am afraid that a single speck of dust will lead to the overheating and breaking of my PS3.  
The instruction manual says to 'use a weak vaccum cleaner' on the vents, but sure, that might clean them out a little, but what about the heatsink and fan inside the console (on the CPU and video chip), will the dust build up there and cause overheating - or can the PS3 even overheat at all (like overheat and shut down). What do I do if that happens? Do I use a compressed air can and blow in the vents? 
So any help on the selection of exclusive jrpg/rpg games and the dust issue would be a big help! 
Thanks again!