The CE Tech is back in the house!

A house owned by the Dixons Group, but still it's a pretty sweet job so far. Lefdal and Elkjøp Nordic seems like a pretty cool group of people.

Lefdal is a Norwegian CE retailer.

The job mostly involves fixing Software faults in order to reduce the % of NFF from our servicepartners, but also includes (but isn't limited to!) warehouse IT safety/common sense, B-ware control and in-store customer IT support. I must say being a CE tech at a retailer has been more challenging then I had anticipated, perhaps not on the hardware front but I know even less about most software issues then I had previously though, a non-issue really as I REALLY like learning new things.

All technicians wear labcoats.. right?

Recently attended Lefdal's trade day for Supportcenter technicians and met alot of

very knowledgeable colleagues, a real learning experience for sure. Also met some of our national and regional managers, all of which were delightful and extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields. Some of our 3rd party partners also attended, most of whom also had a barrage of information they layed on us.

Anyways, it's awesome to be back at work after 18 months of soulcrushing unemployment, even though it's for the time being only an internship with welfare pay.


It finally blew :D

So GiantBomb finally blew up, and so far I love it. The whole wiki style of the site is awesome :)

I'm looking forwards to lurking, making friends and contributing.