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GT: Etaber

Timezone: NA Eastern

Games: Forza, Dead Rising, KI, maybe Ryse

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I'd follow that man through hell. Great job!

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Doesn't this now put pretty big limitations on what they can do with the cloud since consoles do not have to be constantly connected to their network? Or will portions of game features/content just not be available to users without an internet connection?......

The old requirement was only every 24 hours so they would have had to have something planned anyway. All the new features related to the check like sharing and playing without the disc are gone now. I guess real digital distribution will have to wait another generation.

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I will give Brad Muir whatever he wants. Making Brad Muir sad is like making a puppy sad.

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I'm kinda in the same boat. I bought it on release day and played for a bit but I never got much beyond ringing the first bell before stopping. Recently the PC version went on sale and I gave it another shot. I've got about 35ish hours on two characters and just beat O&S on my favorite. I'm in full addiction mode now, I can't wait to play it everyday. Even just grinding for titanite or levels is fun because it seems like you never really get so powerful that enemies pose no threat. If you get sloppy or arrogant pretty much anyone can still mess you up. Once I got over all the hype about the difficulty and realized it's quite fair but punishes button mashing and arrogance I started enjoying it a lot more.

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I'm usually pretty optimistic when it comes to these presentations but man I don't know about this one...

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So I've completely gone down the rabbit hole with this game. It's not the driving part so much but the business management side that has me enthralled. I've got 2 big garages going and 6 or 7 employees. As others have said it is a pretty mellow game for when you just want to veg listening to a podcast or the in-game radio.

I'm playing with a 360 controller and it's just fine. I use the sequential gearbox option and have 99% of what I need mapped to buttons on the controller.I usually only use the keyboard to navigate menus.

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Incoming kickstarter? :)

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First ever was a BBS game called The Pit that was run on one of the local bulletin boards. I connected to that with my rocking 2400 baud modem connected to my computer's parallel port. I also remember playing some mech game on Genie or Prodigy and running up a huge phone bill. I got in so much shit for that and had to pay it back slowly with my allowance.

My first real TCP/IP game was Quake and my first Console online game was PSO for dreamcast.