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You know, I'd comment on how they've forgotten Half-Life 3, and how Valve has essentially abandoned the franchise that made them anything to begin with........but at this point....fuck it. I've said it too many times.

Apparently you haven't.
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Best apocalypse of the year
Most disappointing game of the year
Game that most needs a sequel

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I could definitely see some people having trouble with the camera. You definitely want to try out the different camera settings because some are really bad. If I remember correctly the rigid camera setting was the worst. I know personally it could be a little weird for a few minutes but then I would get used to it and I had no problems with motion sickness.

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I'd like to participate in this.

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I'd wish to know what the two best wishes I could possibly make are and then make those.

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I want to be able to compare games I want to see what locations, objects, concepts, and credits games share. I mostly want it so I can compare credits it would be great to compare a sequel to the first game and see who worked on both.

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I know personally by the time L4D2 came out I had pretty much stopped playing L4D. But with L4D2 I ended up playing 30 hours more than in L4D in the same time frame (1 year), so apparently for me they added enough.
And as far as TF2, like other people said I think the main reason they released this is so other companies can put micro-transactions in their games. It is also a really good way for them to get more content for TF2 because of the fact that the people who make the items get some of the money. My only concern is that other companies won't handle micro-transactions as well as Valve. In TF2 you can pretty easily craft all the weapons you want and as far as the hats go, if you really want a hat all you really need is another hat to trade for it. The only thing I don't understand is why some stuff is as expensive as it is, who pays $17 for a hat?

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A watch is coming in the Halloween update, but until then I guess some people could find this useful.

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" Hey guys, spoiler warnings are cool. "
I think spoilers are kind of a given in a thread like this.