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Best weapon:   Metal Gear REX in MGS4.

Best Unit:  The Daishi from the Mechwarrior series, I freaking love hulking death mechs with lasers.
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I prefer the iron sights of the Helghast rifle and the extra ammo, i will get so caught up in shooting sometimes that it's nice to not have to reload every 5 seconds, just every 7 seconds!

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What about quality?  People pay $9-15 dollars just to watch one single movie in a theatre for 2 hours compared to enjoying a videogame for decades.  I think the prices are fine because I REALLY take my sweet time doing my research on a game's quality, overall enjoyment and importantly (for this thread), it's overall length.  RPG's are a budget buyer's best friend!

Fixed typo.
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My last post was about Vault 108 and the weird stuff in there.  Also,If you go on top of the tallest cliff in the regular game near Rockbreaker's Last gas, (section 4, central West)  you can zoom in with your sniper rifle, enemies will pop-in (I don't know about the PC version) and if you snipe them and fail to kill them, they will still come after you, even after they disappear because of the great distances.  And lastly I know how to walk out of the game near the large rubble piles next to the Museum of Technology.

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Metal Gear Solid: Rising INFLATION

Solid Snake takes over the game and destroys the Federal Reserve with his final stand.  He would pose as an old rich guy and just waltz right in kind of like Naked Snake posing as a scientist at the Graniny Gorki Lab.
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I have music that I listen to from time to time, and funny internet pictures that I have collected over the year along with great wallpapers and then there are my videos that I have of me and my friends from EyEcreate with the PS Eye.  And whenever I go to a friends house with a router I like to swap movies with them over the media sync.  Also from time to time I browse the internet on the PS3, that's about it.

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RAGE, EGO, Deferred Rendering, Naughty Dog, Forza Motorsport and of course cryENGINE 3 all never cease to amaze me, when I see them at work on their respective titles.

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So I'm at a friend's house and we are playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence on his old PS2, he barely touches this thing and we have no memory card so we are just leaving it on until we beat the game.  So far it's been on for 13 hours and we are at the end of The Pain.
But I am wondering, how long can I probably keep this PS2 on and how long have you kept a console on?  What's your record?

Here's mine:
SNES: 10 hours
Gamecube: 32 hours
PS2: I think 2 days, can't remember
N DS: 3 days
Xbox 360 (borrowed it from a friend): 18 hours
PS3: 40 hours
PC: 1 week

Let's see some numbers!

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We will beat engadget and all of those others hopefully, in time, for cancer!

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