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Completely 100% agree with what Crono said from page 1.  Portal 2 is easier compared to Portal 1, and not because you're already familiar with the controls, but rather because it genuinely lacks the need for precise skill and timing.  There aren't THAT many puzzles that require a lot of heavy thinking and assessing what's going on around you.

Also, let me say I love the new physic puzzles that are possible with the three types of gel and other mechanics. They allow for a lot more puzzle chambers. However(!) I'm really disappointed that there wasn't a TON of these chambers because I'd have happy if there was.  But I guess that's what DLC is for.

In the mean time, I can still stay really busy with some challenging mods for Portal 1. If you haven't been playing some mods, you should really check out Portal: Prelude or the Flash Version MapPack mod.  Those can keep you busy for several more hours and there is a decent sized community that has been making mods for Portal 1 since it came out. I expect the same to happen for Portal 2.

As for Portal 3.....well Valve doesn't know how to count to three.
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I am currently going to listen to the complete podcast so I can hear this reference after having watched the last 30 seconds of the SCII video review.

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I just bought it for the nice price and Steam is reporting 25400 MB.
Which is 4.6 GB less than 30 GB. 
Also, I "currently do not have enough disk space available to run this game" and should probably start using my undesignated partition.

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Currently 75% off for $7.49

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The game crashed while I was talking to a Ferengi Merchant. 
I was warned about the Ferengi at the academy.

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So does our fleet ever do missions or have a place to hang out?

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I just got logged out for 15 minutes of inactivity. I was waiting in the queue line. FML.

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Oh my god there is a queue to log in right now.  I'm in position 127 out of 282.

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I got the 15 minute delay in Steam, thought something was wrong with the client so I restarted. Waiting to redownload entire game on my college dorm 250 kb/s connection.