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Edit: FF XII is the secret best Final Fantasy game.

seriously though. and from what i know about the international zodiac version it basically removes one out of two of the major problems i had with the game. the other major problem being vaan's existence, but seeing as how the game itself doesn't even care about him he's fairly easy to ignore after the intro. if anything else it'll keep you busy for a long ass time.

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a little bit of this

As much as we want to pick on specific fanbases, I think its safe to say that every fanbase has their share of wild, die hard fans that give them a bad look.

If you're just talking about fanbases though, who really cares. If someone's an avid fan of something and they get great enjoyment out of that particular thing without harming themselves or anyone else, who really cares how obsessive they are about it.

and a little bit of ^ that, really.

but yeah no it's totally the sonic fandom.

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@koolaid said:

I don't know if other people have this problem, but the streaming option seems to switch quality frequently. A lot of time when it switches quality, the audio will jump back 5 seconds or so and the video with freeze until the audio catches up. This happens on my macbook at home and my macbook at work. It makes it pretty frustrating to watch videos. Maybe if I could lock it at HD?

I love this site guys. But man... that video player is not good. I don't remember these problems with the old one?

i have the exact same audio problem. the audio on literally every video i've been watching recently has to play catch up with the visuals and it's been driving me bonkers. frequent skipping, too. :(

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Probably for the best they just move away from the Desmond line of things. I mean, I actually like Connor, but having Desmond be revived in some way - even if it's a fake revival or whatever - to play as Connor again would have turned me pretty cold on this franchise at last.

@needforswede said:

And while ACIII was a little disappointing, it's hard not to admire the direction they took, and the story-telling was and has always been top-notch as far as games go, probably among the best storylines of any game, while I'm the kind of person who doesn't give a damn about whatever goes on in a game as long as it's fun to play.

I forgot my point...oh yeah...I agree with Patrick, I really liked Connor as a character, he wasn't one of the drawbacks in the game. As badass as Ezio is, it was time to move on from him, and I liked starting out as a stubborn kid who came from nothing, had all odds against him, etc. It was a refreshing change of pace after playing as Ezio, basically the Bruce Wayne of the Renaissance, for three games straight (although three amazing games).

Agreed for the most part, man. Connor's probably the one I sympathized with the most out of the three main assassins. And I think Haytham was just a run-of-the-mill snarky English character so I wasn't all that impressed with him.

I will say, however, that the Desmond story was a rushed, hot mess. That had a great thing going on in the first couple of games with just a bunch of general historical conspiracy theories and Templar v. Assassin stuff which panned out to diddly squat and the First Civilization nonsense. Last game definitely ended with on a low note for me.

I would love to see more of this setting, its unique and interesting. Japan or China would be really boring. Maybe take it to Central/South America? Aztecs or Inca. BEFORE any Europeans came.

Yes, please! I wouldn't mind China or Japan, though. I'd be more bored w/ a Victorian England setting tbh.

Ooooooor they could bring an Aveline game to the main consoles? Pretty please? No? If not her specifically then at least another female main character? I'd settle for that.

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Dude, just trying to steer the damn thing stresses me out, to say nothing of actually attempting to hit my targets. Despite my suckage, I do enjoy those parts and kind of wish I remembered that there's more ship missions than the story sequences. I didn't think the naval stuff would be nearly as good as it turned out.

Mild spoilers:

Haytham needed to keep his goddamned backseat captain-ing to himself, though. If I had been able to detach myself from the wheel for a bit during that mission I probably would have shoved the dickhead overboard. >:\

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Xenosaga Episode III. I get that the very end was supposed to be a sort of hopeful note, but man. Only game that put me in a downer mood for a good chunk of the afternoon.

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A couple of months, usually during autumn and winter.

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@Lebensbaum said:

The lack of an Alan Wake announcement is quite depressing.

I'm with you, but I'm still crossing my fingers that there's gonna be some news about it shown sooner or later today (or anytime this week? I don't usually keep track of E3 so I have no clue about how trailers/announcements not shown during the conference are released). I guess I'm still hopeful because just a few hours ago I discovered that weird blog Remedy tweeted about a few days before and now I'm super excited.

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Espeon! I'm deeply saddened that I can't catch an Eevee in Emerald to evolve one, which is the only working Pokemon game I have right now.

I like Serperior, too, though I've never played a Gen V game.

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If I'm judged for loving FFX-2, then so be it. I'll always have fond memories of it and it's pretty opening.

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and since Someday the Dream Will End has already been posted, here's my other favorite FFX song.

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While I've never played any of the Kingdom Hearts games, Dearly Beloved is a really good song, especially this version.

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Also, just about every song in Okami is worth a listen, as are the Reincarnations of the Persona 3 and 4 OSTs.