Data Porn: Giant Bomb November

Let's take a look at what happened on Giant Bomb in the month of November.  Giant Bomb in Korea and the GT5 Quick Look were the most watched videos even though both of those videos dropped at the end of the month.  You can bet GT5 is gonna be a huge topic all December too.  Still, Call of Duty: Black Ops was the most wiki edited and blogged about game for the month of November.

Most Wiki/Blog Content on Giant Bomb:

 Most edited wiki page: Call of Duty: Black Ops 

Top Blogged: Call of Duty, Kinect Support, Xbox 360, Falout: New Vegas....



Top Visited User Blogs

Giant Bomb's most influential bloggers are listed below.  The numbers are page views, but remember blogs also get posted to the forums where even more page views are to be had.   I also added the +/- percent increase/decrease of page views compared to the month before for fun.
  1.  /profile/lemon/blog/ 3,942  +21.67% 
  2. /profile/jeff/blog/ 1,868    -56.00%
  3. /profile/ethan/blog/ 1,240   -14.66%
  4. /profile/zombiepie/blog/ 1,080    +28.72%
  5. /profile/vinny/blog/ 853   -10.40%
  6. /profile/kaosangel/blog/ 828    +70.37%
  7. /profile/bruce/blog/ 769   -12.01%
  8. /profile/sweep/blog/ 708    +98.88%
  9. /profile/snide/blog/ 680    +501.77%
  10. /profile/buzz_clik/blog/ 526    +13.36%
  11. /profile/pseg/blog/ 506    +197.65%
  12. /profile/video_game_king/blog/ 505    +16.36%
  13. /profile/dalai/blog/ 480    +0.42%
  14. /profile/marino/blog/ 478    +512.82%
  15. /profile/x19/blog/ 398    +49.06%
  16. /profile/tonys/blog/ 385    +121.26%
  17. /profile/hamst3r/blog/ 381    +343.02%
  18. /profile/xanaxtl140/blog/ 358   -61.13%
  19. /profile/claude/blog/ 353   -14.73%
  20. /profile/turboman/blog/ 353   -34.63%
  21. /profile/lemon/blog/?page=2 342   -30.35%
  22. /profile/bobafettjm/blog/?page=2 295    +14,650.00%
  23. /profile/artofwar420/blog/ 288   -42.86%
  24. /profile/faustyn/blog/?page=5 252    +1.20%
  25. /profile/warxsnake/blog/ 252      -1.18%

     And I leave you with the top wiki mods.  


Giant Bomb FAQ - wiki, forums, mods


Welcome to the Giant Bomb FAQ! Here we will provide you with all the information you will need to navigate and take full advantage of our site. We have a very simple set of guidelines here that can be summarised as:

  1. Don't be a jerk.

If you have any issue then please refer to this thread for what you should do next. Good luck, have Batman!

Community Promos

Rad Stuff Made by Our Community

We love you guys. We love you so much we want to put your amazing blog posts, hilarious videos and garrulous reviews on our "Rad Stuff From The Community" section on our homepage. If you made something or found something on Giant Bomb that is too good to miss, email the interns and me at INTERNS@WHISKEYMEDIA.COM and we might promote it on our home page.

So send us your cool stuff, we want to see it.

The Wiki

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  • PM all the mods at once to have your problem solved ASAP: PM Mods
  • Trouble with a mod? Send Ethan a PM!

Useful resources for new users

Contact a staff member?


Screened's Tom Pinchuk Injects Life Into Anime Vice

Psst, you guys know Tom Pinchukright?  Ya' know, one of the 5 guys who writes for Screened's home page.  He also writes for Comic VineAnime Vice and wrote a published comic book and if you've ever met him you would understand why we have him write for 3 of our sites.  His brain is an overflowing cauldron of popculture madness. 
Often read, but seldom seen, Tom recently started making videos for our once host-less site Anime Vice -- you know, our red headed step child here at Whiskey media.  And you know what, Anime Vice is a perfect place to let the mad genius that is Tom Pinchuk run wild on video.   Tom's quest to learn and understand this Japanese medium that Jeff Gerstmann says "Is for jerks" is the focus of Anime Vice videos. 


Fun Facts: 

  • Tom made an audition tape for American Gladiators he'll never show you.
  • Grew up in Singapore.
  • Has no filter just a glorious stream of consciousness.
  • Recently hosted the Long Beach Comic Con.

Also check out his articles on Anime Vice here
Follow Tom on twitter @TomPinchuk

Giant Bomb's Top Bloggers

My last blog post detailed the most popular Giant Bomb user profiles.  But what good is that?  Examining profile page views feels like a high school popularity contest.  Does a high view count mean you're a hard working member of the community adding value to the site? Maybe.  But we can't really tell by simply looking at profile page views. We need more granularity.
To shed some clarity on the subject of why certain Giant Bomb members get higher profile views, I bring you a list of the top user blogs. Discuss. 

 Ignore the porn spammers in the lists.

 There used to be a pizza in this box.
I would like to point at that ZombiePie's The Quest to Eat an Entire Large Pizza  is an excellent read.  Buzz_clik's Things I learned over the weekend - Monday, 8 November 2010  and Turboman's What the Kinect takes away from video games + Omegle The Review  are also at the top of our bloggers list.  

Most Visited Giant Bomb User Profiles

I was just rummaging though our analytics data and thought it would be fun to see the most visited user profiles on Giant Bomb.  Then I thought, hey some of you guys might find this interesting too.  So for no real reason, here's who's popular, or who's viewing their own profiles over and over. 

UPDATE: Adding 26-50 

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Data Porn: Giant Bomb October

October has come and gone so let's look back at what got this community excited.  But first, give it up for the top wiki mods for sifting through all those wiki submissions.  If we had a way to measure the input of forum mods I would show that too because those guys are always working hard on policing the wiki for plagiarism, banning porn spammers and answering questions on the bug and edit forums.  So yay mods!

 Once again our charts are whacked, Danguy probably should read Zombiepie?     

Fallout: New Vegas Dominates Giant Bomb's Attention

Take a gander at the bar charts below.  No big surprise here, Fallout: New Vegas is the clear winner -- dominating the conversations on user blogs.  Click to expand the two smaller bar charts below and you'll find Fallout: New Vegas was also the second most watched Quick Look (watch here) and the second most visited wiki page.  


 Most visited forum post 

 Super Fun Fun Facts:



Halloween at the office

You sirs are in for a treat.  A trick-or-treat.  Today I will be live blogging Halloween at the Office!  Let's kick this off with awesome pics of myself as a Boy Scout. 

 That shirt is 20 years old.

Drew as Dexter 

I think anyone who knows Drew eventually sees the similarity between him and Dexter.  They look similar, both are exceptionally smart, reserved, quiet and both are cold blooded killers.
 Dexter Morgan sans kill kit



Melissa the Witch

Melissa is "Senior Director of Marketing and Business Operations for the Northern Branch of Whiskey Media Operations Division".  She's our self proclaimed "office mom". She made us dress up.
Witch or Cher costume, you decide!

 Ana as Brodyquest.  [edit] OMG go check out the video Ana made in her blog on Tested HERE

 Adrien Brody

Norm as Eagle Scout:  

Oh yah we almost have enough scouts to make a patrol. 

 Norm obviously never got Ironing Merit Badge


 Internet Steve aka Lemon: 

 Way to go Internet Steve, worst costume award complete.

Vinny Caravella 

 Alternate Reality Vinny.  White T-Shirt and Blue Jeans?  Never!  Pure EVIL.


Internet Steve UPDATE 

This just in, Lemon aka Internet Steve has updated his costume.  Like a good intern he read the communities comments and scrambled to action.  Check out these daring upgrades. 
 Fear the beard.


UPDATE! Secret zombie make up session preview.....

  Will Smith

 Mine Craft Dude

Sara Lima Bean

 Wonder Woman with pants.  

Ok dudes, that's all the pics I have.  It's only 5:30 and Will is crazy drunk... if you watched the live show you will know that he had to drink for his segment.  My god this is a crazy place to work.  Lemon Lens of Will will be coming....  "I would like to say, I am alot drunnk..."  direct quote from Will.

There are still some costumes coming.  Follow me on twitter for updates: @red_lamp

Add your office costume photos to the comments below. 

Poor Man's Tested: Air Hog

Do you love and radio controlled helicopters? Well so do I, which is why when Will and Norm tested their new Parrot AR Drone I decided it was time to wipe off the dust of my trusty Air Hog!  So on a whim, Lemon, Daniel and I decided to try our hands at product testing, and boy are we bad it!  What came of it is the very first Poor Man's Tested

Ok so It seems I need a new Air Hog, I swear this thing flew in awesome circles when I first got it.  Protip: don't let your dogs snatch your Air Hog out of the air if you want it to last.  
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Whiskey Media Player Profile: Andy McCurdy

Engineers are often temperamental nerds who work behind-the-scenes in basement dungeons in between WoW or Civ V marathons, and our head engineer Andy McCurdy is no different!   Years ago, Andy championed our transition from PHP to Django and continuously evaluates new technologies.  Being something of a mystery of evolution himself, he shows no fear in evolving out technology stack. 
We met Andy way back in 2004 when many of us worked at Cnet together.  In 2007 he became a founding member of Whiskey Media.  Andy is our VP of Technology and is one of the most patiently helpful engineering tutors I have ever met.  

Fun Facts (supplied by Andy)

  • Identifies with Dexter the titular serial killer.
  • Loves NFL and refers to Raven's players as his own. 
  • Refuses to poop at work, in favor of his commode at home. 
 Red Neck Andy at NASCAR in Sonoma.  No joke.
For this investigative report, I recently spent an afternoon with Andy in his home town of Walnut Creek, California.  At Urban Outfitters Andy modeled a jacket. Next he took me to a wine bar where we drank wine.  Later that day he grilled a mean tri-tip steak. Renaissance man!

Southern Rock hair Andy and very fetching jacket.

Other Fun Facts

  • Married to a woman (sorry ladies).
  • Has a mentally handicap yellow lab named Titan.
  • HIs dog, Titan, once sprayed my house with the fish sauce stench of anal glands. I moved my family shortly after.
  • Loves WoW and Settlers of Catan.
  • Andy's Giant Bomb profile: Andy
  • Andy's Twitter profile:  AndyMcCurdy 

Follow me on Twitter: red_lamp      
Also see Whiskey Media Player Profile: Joey Fameli

Whiskey Media Player Profile: Joey Fameli

Our next behind-the-scenes man of action is a cameraman, a husband, a Gary Coleman and a coffee aficionado, allow me to introduce you to the Italian Stallion, the Pink Power Ranger, "The Standard Def" and "The High Def", his After Effects skills have no defects, the one and the only, Joey Fameli
Joey, originally a finance major, now splits most of his attention producing videos for Comicvine and Screened.  Just take a look at his work on "Remake Rematch: Nightmare on Elm Street" or "3 Minute Expert: Who is Spiderwoman?".   Joey was also with the Giantbomb crew at E3 and mans a camera at all our Friday live shows.  Whats more, he is the Whiskey Media barista.
I asked Joey to give a little autobiographical write up of what makes Joey Joey, and here's what he wrote:   

I run a lot, snowboard, i cook (i'm a total wop in the kitchen), I make beer, I love gambling and casinos, I love pepperidge farms goldfish, pie over cake, love the Droid phone (regardless of what those jerks at Tested think about it).  Other notable hobbies: video games and writing. Grew up in northern California.


Facts (supplied by Joey)

  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Beverage: Coffee
  • Whiskey of choice:  Speyside
  • Favorite Movie: Goodfellas
  • Eye Color: Beautiful grey/blue

Facts (he wouldn't admit)

  • Joey is nicer than Sean Coonce and Drew Scanlon combined; even if they were waisted on prozac while cuddling puppies.  Impossible, I know!
  • He put regular dish soap into a dishwasher.  Video here.

Previous Jobs

  • First job was entertaining kids as a power ranger.
  • Bartender.
  • Worked with Gary Coleman, before he died.

 Joey's dog Lucky

Follow Joey on twitter here: HDJoey  
Follow me if you want more Whiskey Media behind the scenes action like this: red_lamp 
Also see Whiskey Media Player Profile: Sean Coonce