BLLSL2 - 10 Behind The Scenes YouTube Videos


Yesterday at the BLLSL2 I wandered the office making videos with my 5 year old Cannon point and click. Throughout the day I uploaded them to In case you never go to our channel, I conveniently archived them in this here blog post. I'll bring the content to you, just sit back.

"How about photos", you say? My fingers snapped over 100 pics. I got them here on our page. Enjoy that.

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Thanks everyone who watched the show. We had a great time, these guys worked so hard and I feel super-super lucky to work with such a group of funny and talented people. So here's some dumb behind-the-scenes videos....

Finally, I was actually in a skit too. I was Work Out Darth Vader in a Tested segment. But since I was in a room with no monitors I didn't get to see it. If anyone has a screengrab I'd like to see it. Yah know, so I can show my children how cool their Dad is. Yes I'm a Dad. Who knows, I might be your Dad.