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My daughter just turned 5 and she has similar problems with kinect. It is frustrating watching them fumble with the menus. I found if I just walk away and let her make mistakes with the menus, she'll call me over, I'll fix it for her or tell her what's wrong, then I'll WALK AWAY again. This way she get's to spend 2-3 minutes messing it up without me knowing and getting frustrated. Then she calls me over, I explain it and move on.

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@MooseyMcMan: Honestly, we probably could call them "Quick Looks." It's just they're not official, and we don't want to feel like we're stepping on the toes of the dudes who are actually important and cool and better looking in the next room over. I do like the suggestion of "Cheap Looks," however. I may just have to snag that right up.

You cannot call them Quick Looks.

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@DanielComfort: We should talk to Ethan about a segment called "doin' it wrong" where I just shout over you and Matt shouting at Perry.

You're supposed to pitch me a video show! Was that your pitch?

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Maybe someone should stick Interns Perry and Dan on the auto-follow list so more members can see their Free 2 Play series? They both have less followers than I do, and that seems criminal.


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Interns have taken over our neglected YT account!

Each Monday we'll be posting a video on telling you guys what the interns will be focusing on for the week. If you didn't know, besides the normal duties of answering phones and making coffee, the interns have been busy making video for our YouTube channel. It's a small piece of larger community project we're working on.

Giant Bomb has always had a YouTube channel but we've never committed to managing it, until this summer. There are 4 big video view spikes on the chart on the right. From left to right the spikes represent the following intern created content pushes:

  • Meta Game/ Fear Gauntlet
  • Deus Ex
  • BLLS Behind the scenes / Fear Gauntlet
  • Gears 3

Later this year we'll be launching some game sites around specific game franchises. I'll be discussing more about that over on Google+. They'll be community driven and focused on helping people make and find great game play videos.

Anyway, here's what we're doing this week.

If you'd like to follow or know more about the current intern department:

Previous Interns:

And me @red_lamp

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@Sweep: We'll community promo this on the GB home page tomorrow. It will be in the "Rad Stuff By The Community" pod.

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Whoa this sounds pretty cool. Hey I made that custom Val Kilmer / Carrie Anne Moss for Rorie's YouTube video.

We'll check this out and will promote it to the Rad Stuff on the home page.

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@ethan: You forgot to put the video where Ryan listen to the Giantbomb song for the first time. People have been waiting for a long time to see that famous video where Ryan is rolling on the floor laughing.

I'll add it here. It's was not actually shot durring the BLLSL2 that's why I left it out. This is the funniest video I've ever seen involving Ryan. I cry every time I see it.

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I work with Brad. So yes, that's her.

Is this sarcasm? Because reading sarcasm is pretty hard.

My sarcasm is so good you can't even tell if it's sarcasm when you hear me in person. Sarcasm Boss.

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Yesterday at the BLLSL2 I wandered the office making videos with my 5 year old Cannon point and click. Throughout the day I uploaded them to In case you never go to our channel, I conveniently archived them in this here blog post. I'll bring the content to you, just sit back.

"How about photos", you say? My fingers snapped over 100 pics. I got them here on our page. Enjoy that.

As always email if you want us to promote anything on the "Rad Stuff By The Community" pod on the home page. Or email us if you want to just say hi, we reply to everyone.

Thanks everyone who watched the show. We had a great time, these guys worked so hard and I feel super-super lucky to work with such a group of funny and talented people. So here's some dumb behind-the-scenes videos....

Finally, I was actually in a skit too. I was Work Out Darth Vader in a Tested segment. But since I was in a room with no monitors I didn't get to see it. If anyone has a screengrab I'd like to see it. Yah know, so I can show my children how cool their Dad is. Yes I'm a Dad. Who knows, I might be your Dad.