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Looks can be decieving. 0

Imagine. You taking an axe to the face of a griffon. Awesome right? Well thats what you do in Legendary as art theif Charles Deckard, who idiotically and cliche..idly(?) opens Pandoras Box, unleashing a hellstorm of mythological creatures...including one made out of everything in New York. Oh did I mention that he has the original power to blast energy out of his arm? And has healing powers?  It seems great in premise right? Well the execution left me baffled on how good an idea could be turned ...

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Army Of Two -Whats with the hate? 0

Yes I do admit, Army Of Two was not the greatest game in the world, but jeez, whats with all the hate? I thought this game (aside from a few bugs) was very well put out, and one of the most fun experiences I've ever had on my PS3...even on single player.Graphics: Great graphics! It's even better when you have a "VIBRANT" setting on your tv.  Salem and Rios look awesome in whatever you have put them in.Sound: Great voice acting from our two soldiers! They do apparently know air guitar (tap x by r...

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