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you'll run them both fine, I played infinite with a amd processor from 2008 and a gtx460. Infact I can still play most games, watch dogs, black flag, alien isolation and pretty much everything thats come along so far

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As someone that only uses giantbomb for my game related videos and writeups, I've seen the term gamergate come up a few times on the site in the last month or so, either from comments or from the staffs twitter feed on the main page. I'm still completely confused by what's going on, but it seems like bad news.

I can see that a lot of you are happy that Jeff has spoken out on the issue, but I'm wondering if what gamergate is, is getting more prominent, are we going to see a lot more coverage of it on the site. I ask because I use giantbomb because it seems to be separated on a certain level from all the inside industry news and breaking stories and focuses on the games.

Obviously I don't take offense to people that take that level of interest into the games industry, but should I expect giantbomb to become another hotbed of inside gaming? Because I'm honestly just here for a good time. And the juxtaposition of this news story and the probable insanity about to begin on UPF doesn't seem fitting for the site. Or is it me that's wrongly gauged the draw of giantbomb?

Cheers Dudes!

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This game is utter shit on the PC, so many problems. If you want it, get it on a console, if you want a new shooter on the PC battlefield is the only option.

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ethranes - PS3

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Dota 2 or Rome 2 for me atm

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Thanks man, you just saved my life.

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How do you shut off the damn leaky pipes on the flying machine?

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I'm so sorry, I don't know why, but I'm so fucking sorry.

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I'm having trouble saving lists, I have 67 items on it and it wont save any more, it will let me add the items, but when I save it doesn't update. Using firefox.