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Wait, why aren't you just using an actual podcast app..? Surely it's a far better experience.

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Not to be harsh but, any particular reason you chose to invest in a degree in a subject you neither had passion for nor has excellent job prospects? =/

For what it's worth, I don't think it's at all rare to leave university/college feeling like you still know nothing and being scared shitless now you have to supposedly act like an 'adult'. People just figure it out, I guess.

In a lot of career paths the real learning definitely doesn't start until you get your foot in the door with a job (certainly the case in my field of programming). So I guess the best advice to give is make good use of your time; always be trying to acquire and improve on skills that will make you able to do whatever it is you want to do (once you know what that is :p).

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@bob1950: He's a big boy son, let him go.

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You're a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.

P.S. If you loved Dan so much I imagine you'd respect his decision to come here and the thought that must have gone into that decision having been at GI for so long.

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Ditto to the guy who said at least it ain't Polygon...but man do I dislike a lot of what Kotaku does as well. Good luck to Patrick though, he's a cool guy and it must be a crazy tough decision to leave a place like GB.

I also hope that the replacement hiring process here (if there is one, I'd assume it's already happened) continues to not yield to the ridiculous shitstorm that started around the last hiring decision. Would hate to see those people feel like they got any sort of win.

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"Get 'em while they're hot!


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How the hell are the majority of the reactions to this here about you not liking Phil Fish and not about the absolute human trash that does shit like this to people? Seriously guys?

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Just another reason to believe Leigh Alexander is terrible, I guess. The hypocrisy from her and others is baffling.

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OK so in the last week or two out of nowhere almost every video I watch on the site periodically (but regularly) starts to stutter like crazy - only the picture itself, the audio remains fine. It's very weird and basically unwatchable. Anyone else getting this or have any suggestions?

This has been happening using the HTML5 player in HD in Chrome on both Windows 7 and Mac OSX.