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"Get 'em while they're hot!


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How the hell are the majority of the reactions to this here about you not liking Phil Fish and not about the absolute human trash that does shit like this to people? Seriously guys?

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Just another reason to believe Leigh Alexander is terrible, I guess. The hypocrisy from her and others is baffling.

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OK so in the last week or two out of nowhere almost every video I watch on the site periodically (but regularly) starts to stutter like crazy - only the picture itself, the audio remains fine. It's very weird and basically unwatchable. Anyone else getting this or have any suggestions?

This has been happening using the HTML5 player in HD in Chrome on both Windows 7 and Mac OSX.

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Finding and hugging Vinny will of course be at the top of my list, worry not.

By the way I forgot to mention, I'll be staying at the Cosmo hotel on 95 W Broadway. Thanks for the suggestions so far guys!

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Hey guys - I'm from Ireland but my new job is sending me out to NY for training for a couple of weeks at the end of June.

The typical tourist-y type stuff isn't really my thing, not super into just sightseeing for the sake of it.

So, I'm asking the locals and those who have visited NY before - what are the best things to do, check out, and most importantly: eat, in order to make the most of the experience and get a 'real' feel for the city?

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Lost it when you started whistling the Bombcast theme. Great work.

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Your edited OP does nothing but make you come across as being a preachy dickhead without any reason or provocation. Just a heads up.