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I am so, so tired of every games site I look at having articles and discussion about this stuff every day. That's not saying I don't believe it's an issue but come on, it's gotten god damn ridiculous.

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Python is an excellent and frequently recommended first language, though I think Java is a good option too.

Games, especially simple ones such as text-based stuff, can be made in literally any language so don't feel too much pressure regarding which language to learn first - if there's one thing you learn with time as a programmer its that the language doesn't really matter much provided you know how to think about programming problems the right way.

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Needs more emancipation.

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Looks alright to me, and if you're anything like me you'll probably be tempted in to starting fresh with a new character some day anyway. A first run through Dark Souls is always gonna be more about learning all the ropes and intricacies than about doing it "right" or worrying about very specific builds.

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That slurping noise made me lose my shit for some reason.

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Life is shit, you'll get used to it and fall in to something sooner or later.

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What's the polar opposite of mesmerised? That's me spectating Dota.

Now StarCraft II on the other hand I have probably watched 500+ hours of...

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Pfft, Pyromancer is OP.

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Today I was unmanned by a dude's feet.