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A Genuinely Unique Experience - and Free! 0

    "A computer mystery/romance set 5 minutes into the future of 1988."    As someone just about old enough to have real memories of the days when connecting to the internet with your trusty modem involved bombarding your ears with a minute or so of garbled satanic-robot-gibberish, you'd think the appeal of Digital: A Love Story , designed to emulate the super old school Amiga Workbench systems and the BBS messaging boards that were so prevalent among geeks using them, would be lost on me. T...

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Bayonetta is Bat-shit Insane. You're going to love it. 0

I can hardly think of a better game to kick off the new year than Platinum Games' Bayonetta. Prior to founding Platinum, these guys have been responsible for such quality series as Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe, and with Bayonetta the team have greatly refined and built upon everything that made those games great.    The game oozes style from every pore, it's got constant, crazy, over-the-top action sequences, many taking place in unbelievable settings that will leave y...

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