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There's 3 basic tips I'd give for the game in general.

  1. Evasion is king. You want max engines, and a 2 star pilot and engineer by the time you get to the boss. The 4th shield bar is largely unnecessary in comparison.
  2. Bombs are the best weapon type. They completely ignore shields and defense drones, breaking or disabling systems, as well as damaging crews trying to repair them. If shields are an issue, bombs are your answer. Maybe pass on fire bombs, though. They're slower, and less reliable.
  3. Boarding is extremely effective, as long as you're careful not to accidentally kill your own boarders by blowing up the ship they're on (looking at you, Osprey artillery beam), you'll get way more rewards for your victories, and often bypass extremely difficult encounters with heavily armed ships that have very small crews.

I wouldn't say beams are bad weapons either. It's easy to get into a situation with lasers and ion weapons where you can barely take down enemy shields, but do 0-1 damage to the actual ship. Beams turn that 0-1 damage opportunity into a 6+ damage murder beam that'll wipe out the boss before he even has time to do anything to you.

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Oh hey. I was actually the one who mentioned this game on that stream. It's definitely a very different game from your usual Tetris or Puyo Puyo, but I guess that's probably why I like it so much. The higher you build your stack, the more and more tension builds as you try not to drop one piece in the wrong spot, causing a terrible chain reaction that destroys everything you've been working for. P blocks are important for that, since they don't react to the colored blocks, and stick around as junk blocks after they've been activated.

You're right that it's probably not great for an impromptu match on stream, and I didn't know what the hell was going on until I looked up the basic mechanics online either, but it's a really incredibly unique puzzle game, and I'm kind of surprised how little I've seen mention of it before. Mostly, I'd just really like to see more done with this kind of anti-match4 game.

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Well I was going through the Moth Garden as well, but had been there several times and killed quite a few of the Moth FOEs (including a rare breed one that was a huge pain and took many tries). I was trying to find where I had to go for the quest that takes place in there, and could not find it at all. I decided to just kill all the moths and see if anything happened.

So, I snuck up behind one for the free initiative and attacked. It was about one turn away from death when the other 2 moths in the area reached me. Now I've just finished off one FOE and am fighting 2 completely fresh ones. It turned into quite a grueling battle, but I barely managed to pull it off, being nearly out of TP when the second one went down.

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Luck is actually a major stat for Nightseekers, Snipers, and Arcanists. It determines the chance of applying your status effects and binds to enemies, and if you don't have enough, you'll find yourself hard pressed to stick anything on a powerful FOE or boss where you'd really appreciate it.

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Glad to see new people getting into this awesome series. The exploration, music, and character customization elements are what really draw me into it. Don't be afraid to Rest your characters at the Explorer's Guild if their skill sets aren't working out for you. The 2 levels it costs really aren't that big of a deal.

So resting in the new game only costs 2 levels? I just started playing the first game and I believe resting is 10 levels in that one.

Yeah, it's 10 levels in 1, 5 in 2 and 3, and now down to just 2 levels in 4, making it practically a non-issue. The cost in 1 is definitely too high to be anything but tedious.

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@believer258: just know going in that this game is hardcore. I only got to the second strata (area, that is) before quitting

Like Nocturne hardcore or "makes Nocturne look like baby's first JRPG" hardcore? Does it sometimes feel cheap or is it a good difficulty?

It's a pretty fair difficulty I'd say. You'll have to make good decisions with your party, but you shouldn't really need to look up spoiler builds or anything. Just consider how an ability is going to complement your party's overall combat ability, and what role and possible synergies you want your characters to fill, and you'll be good. Going in mostly blind in 3, I only felt the need for any grinding right near the beginning, and at one later boss that was just being a huge pain. Even then, it was probably a half hour grind at most.

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I think it's a combination of having a very good demo available and there still not being a huge amount of great 3DS games available.

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Generally, quests are unlocked when you reach the land, cave, or labyrinth floor where they can be accomplished. So, if you try to keep your available quests cleared out all the time, it shouldn't be too difficult to know the area you need to head to--enter a cave, head to the bar, get quest, go back. Be sure to read them, as you do have to talk to NPCs first sometimes.