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What a fucking amazing show. Kudos to everyone from the crew holding it down in BOTH streams to the mods keeping it classy and positive in the chat. Not to mention the extremely hard work behind the scenes.

Ryan would be proud of all of you. <>

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i'm REALLY unsure about all of this. imagine of skyrim or oblivion or any other game that is hideously broken or buggy long after release had their unofficial patches behind a paywall.

i want to support creators, but this seems....dicey.

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SiN! Blood! The first Alone In The Dark!

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I was in the doom/zandronum tnt! I'm extremely self-conscious and I haven't watched it since it was first streamed though :(

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Think long and hard about that third option and where you fucked up

We will wait

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god forbid people who never see themselves represented in games media (or games period) are a little upset that Another White Dude Who Likes Wrestling And Fighting Games gets hired when numerous skilled people who could bring something fresh to the table are overlooked

Dan and Jason have both grown on me but I still wish GB didn't feel like a retirement home for white dudes who play games. It's alienating as fuck to a lot of people.


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TNO is the unsung game of 2014

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Fallout 3 is a fallout game the same way that me opening a document and typing what I remember of Fallout 2 is a fallout game.

It's a fucking best-of montage. New Vegas, by contrast, moves the universe forward. There are new threats, the landscape has changed, the politics have changed, characters have changed.

Fallout 3 has a dad.

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New Vegas was superior in FO3 in literally every possible way and it baffles me that people think it's the other way around in TYOOL 2015

y'all need jesus