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very carefully

naw, but seriously, i sometimes have issues with Geforce Experience (takes too long to download the drivers and i got Shit To Do) and often just get the drivers from never had any issues, never had to uninstall old drivers. everything Just Works.

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i feel like Jeff did an excellent response to all this fucking gamer bullshit but i really really really feel uncomfortable with the idea that speaking out is the wrong thing to do.

never speaking out on how fucking toxic and misogynistic (as well as other things) gamer culture is has allowed it to become this. it will always happen UNLESS people take a stand.

either way. a united front against the 'gamer' identity is nothing but a good thing.

there is a goddamn good reason i stopped self-identifying as a gamer around 2007 and i hope this causes others to do the same.

also: gamergate was, is, and never will be concerned with ethics in anything ever ever ever ever.

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games do not, will not and never will exist in a vacuum.

and anyone who thinks that they can just wait for this, and other harassment campaigns that came before and after GG, to blow over is little more then an ostrich burying their head in the sand.

this isn't going away and it's hurting people. only the ones who aren't being targeted are saying we should let this 'blow over.'

it's fucking obscene that so many other gaming-focused sites are JUST NOW starting to talk about it after everyone else has been suffering for two months now.

giant bomb, please. take a stand against this. you are capable of influencing hearts and minds. don't wait for someone to auctally be hurt before speaking out.

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i will still violently oppose cloud-based gaming because the idea of surrendering MORE control to publishers does *not* sit well with me.

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~*reviews are subjective not objective*~

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this is probably the greatest thread in the history of the internet

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London, ON, Canada

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shit, bizarro world is trying to merge with ours again

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hahah yes, how DARE you be progressive and attempt to make people realize that this gross thing is extremely fucking demeaning and is honestly incredibly disturbing. how dare you do this thing, patrick. i just want to play Slaughering Foreigners With Assault Rifles 46 in peace!!!!!!

if you want games to EVER be taken seriously, learn to look at criticism of how fucking childish our hobby is at it's very core.