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For those of you that may not know me, I'm a 26 years old male, from a small contry called Slovenija (just to get the picture where I am, my neighboring countries are Italy-west, Austria-north, Hungary-east and Croatia-south).

I began my gaming experience when I was 6 years old with portable games (the ones you got from magazines and stuff) where you could only move into 3 different positions. One example of that kind of game was...you were a dude carying a bucket and you had to collect droplets of water that came down from the clothes that were put do dry. Then came and Atary 2600 (yeah I barely missed the comodore era) and then came Nintendo with the Gameboy and the NES, and of course the SNES. Then naturally I had to have the N64 aswell. So I guess I was more of a Nintendo guy. But that just wasn't enough to satisfy my gaming needs. At that time the PC's were expensive as hell so the only alternative were consoles. So here comes Sony with the Playstation. And PS2 then MIcrosoft with the original Xbox. So yeah you can pretty much tell that I had every console that was thrown out at the time. That's like 18 years of gaming. I guess I need to mention the PC gaming aswell since I was in a clan that played UT'99 and UT2k4 like crazy, so much that we even partecipated in some ladders on Clanbsase but we weren't that good. But still great times!

And that's kind of me blasting through life, gaming and enjoying gaming with nice people.