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Good something to read while is took a dump :P

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They bought themself a uncharted on Xbox

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In a interview a last year he answered the why Rose question differently.

Louffy: I've been playing Rose since I started playing the game. I chose Rose right away because of the size of her breasts and her costume colors, pink and blue are my favorite.

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Don't you hate people who go to a event only to view it through their phone. (Ti4)

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If only Germany had won EVO they would have the Trifecta.

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I ask him on twitter who he plays

Been maining Rose since vanilla after Mike Ross told me she was garbage. Been trying to prove him wrong ever since. Also, Guy, Fuerte.

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I have been saying it even before there was talk about hiring new people. I would love to see more diversity. Especial with all the talk Patrick did at the time. I dont know Jason and Dan. Does GB need more wrestling? Fuck no if you ask me .But when hearing Jason is a fighting game player , that made me happy. Why because we share a thing together and i can connect with Jason on a level none FG player cant.

Thats what people were hoping for to get out of the new hires. Be it being from a minority or being a woman or 3rd gender or even of younger generation.

Lets hope the next hires (I get the feeling how Jeff been talking this may be the plan) bring something fresh and new.

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Before i make up my mind about Jason Oestreicher i have to know who he plays in USF4. Anyone know?

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No wonder Jeff send him to the eastcoast.