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Just came to the realisation that at this point I associate Sheik more with Smash Bros. than I do with Zelda or anything else.

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Good job on this, always fun to see someone who quite obviously enjoys non-pretentiously waxing lyrical about game design.

I'll play Beyond Good and Evil one day, I swear it.

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Given how adamant they've been about saying they really want feedback to help them mold the next Mass Effect game maybe you should tell Bioware directly about this. Who knows, they might take it into consideration.

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I started listening to Shiina Ringo today cause my mate is a big fan o'hers and blimey is she class. Outside of her my knowledge is fairly limited. I know Cibo Matto, Scandal and Kyary, of course.

Also Boris who have only have like one JPOP album in their massive discography but they're unbelievably fucking rad so I'll mention 'em anyway.

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Watched a video of the last boss and I have to say it does look mighty impressive, both in it's design and that of the arena you fight it in. Very imposing indeed.

Starting to get an itch to play this now.

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I got me two spare EU Xbox One Beta codes. Hit me up if you want in.

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Looks like a Ridley Scott thing.

If they could just make more spartans why didn't they do that after Reach?

they did with the Spartan IV program but it took a while to crank them out. Master Chief is a Spartan 2 which are the ones that good juiced up and experimented on. Spartan4's are like regular soilders in battle armor 2's are like walking tanks.

Let me rephrase that, why didn't they make more Spartans that are exactly like Master Chief

I believe the in-universe explanation was that it was just too time-consuming and expensive a thing to do when you're constantly at war with everything. Much easier to just take adult men/women and put 'em in fancy suits then go through with all that fancy gene therapy and extensive training.

Oh and I think Spartan II's came from a specific gene pool whose genes allowed for them to be fitted with augmentations without them being crippled for life.

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Weird about Hardline. Wonder if there'll be two Battlefield games in 2015 now.

The Dragon Age bump aint so bad, a delay of a few weeks isn't enough to give me cause for concern.

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In 5 minutes.