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@ripelivejam: Wasn't really a shot at Patrick, more of an incredibly light jab at one specific piece of poor writing.

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"Nobody was really asking for Sega to port Valkyria Chronicles to PC"

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I realised recently that framerate matters to me hugely when playing on PC but not at all when playing on Console. I think it's because with poor framerate on the PC there's the sense that it's my fault, in some way. I put this machine together and I skimped on making it as good as I could somehow. Due to the non-flexible nature of Consoles there's no real obvious way to improve or decrease their performance and as a result I just kind of accept it.

Little bit of off topic self-examination there.

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I'm actually still excited for the game somewhat but this whole affair has definitely dampened said anticipation. The technical issues probably wouldn't bother me if they're not game-breaking, these kinds of things rarely do get in my craw.

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I have no idea who this dude is other than Alex retweeted him but if he's right... I might have to close my eyes for this one.

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Hot damn! My wallet is gonna be on blast this month!

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Ooo, that's a pleasant surprise! Very interested to see if they can keep this quality up. I played the demo and I still think I prefer FIFA as it is right now but a return to some proper competition in the market can only be a good thing.

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Oof. Poor Sonic, dude needs a break.

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You just wait, he'll be head of everything Disney come the end of the decade. Cars 3, directed, written and produced by Johnny V.

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Swansea beating us 2-1. Should've just watched the Grand Prix.