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@Rapid: If I remember right, the DRM in AC II on PC requires you to be online at all times while playing. Obviously pretty crippling if you're playing on the go (or your internet kicks out on you), but not sure there's any other issue beyond the pure evil of draconian DRM.
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My first was Resident Evil 5, but that was stripped from me when the DLC started coming out. Haven't bothered trying to get it back.
I've since S-ranked Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and, oh shame of shames, Avatar: The Last Airbender -  The Burning Earth. 
I've been 5 points away from S-ranking Assassin's Creed 2 for a year now. I just need to kick a guard while using the flying machine. One of these days...

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Berlin Wall sold me, but Stadium sounds sweet as well. Definitely not going to sweat $15 -- a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things!

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@ZarakixKenpachi: That's a really, really sweet hint. Well put!
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The phrasing of this question totally threw me off. I wouldn't count a single one of the winners as a "face off."

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@ahab88 said:
" Wow. Finally shredded the third one. I was fretting over it for a while. Might have got it sooner if I was born in 1984. "
I see what you did there.