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@Neon_Knight: I was super confused by this at first as well, until I realized that by "sales" he meant "periods of discounted pricing," rather than raw numbers. Probably should have found a better way of phrasing it, but I think that's what was intended.

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Incidentally, those prices that have been freshly "announced" are just AT&T's standard prices for data plans across all of their platforms. All new smartphone and 3G tablet customers are shown these same pricing tiers when they sign up. No real surprise on the pricing here. That said, these pricing tiers are an incredible rip off, which isn't really much of a surprise either given that we're talking about a Telecom. Sigh.

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@truckington: Gah, that was the best hint that anybody has offered regarding the Forefathers clue.

For folks who have not yet triggered it, think something that both Crash Team Racing and, say…Twisted Metal have in common.

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Wonderfully written, Patrick. I feel as though I can relate to Vincent in much the same way as you said you could; approaching the need to make a Big, Fat Final Decision (and more importantly, coming to grips with the implications of said decision). I've been holding off on playing Catherine just yet, but what you've had to say about it further convinces me before I've even played it that it tackles some extremely relevant and interesting issues about the constructs of romantic relationships and how they relate to maturity in men of our (or similar) age.

I'm very curious to play this game and see just what impact (if any) it may have on where I'm at in my own process of wrestling with some of these issues (even if only in a minor sense, as I suspect I don't struggle with them nearly as much as Vincent does), and I'm glad to know that even if the final outcome of the game's story has the potential to be infuriating, that there's still value to be had along the way. And truthfully, that's typically much more important and meaningful anyhow.

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Finally finished, #30! Phew. That one was rough.

@Hakkesshu: I had to look at a few of them more than once to get them to register. One thing that helped for me was to click on the video's title and re-load it on its dedicated page, and that seemed to do that trick rather than having it get brought in dynamically to the videos page.

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FEZ! Man I hope that game finally comes out this year. Stoked to get the chance to check it out at PAX though :)

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Just picked up a 3DS over the weekend and the GB community seems as good a place as any to pick up some "friends." Here's my code, and PM me if you add so I can add you back!


*edited: friend code updated*

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Has anybody else had trouble redeeming a prepaid PSN card since the PSN Store came back online? I never used to use these before but in the wake of all that's happened, I'm not exactly excited about handing my credit card information over to Sony ever again, so I figured prepaid cards would be a safe bet. Now it seems the joke's on me, as I've been trying for a week to redeem the card I bought with no success. And yes, I did check to ensure the card was activated when purchased, I even received a separate activation receipt for it.

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Also not getting credit for the TR Interview, on the front page or on its individual video page. Probably just hasn't been added to the quest requirements yet.

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Holy crap today's was easy. Hints should be totally unnecessary.