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@Seppli said:
" By the way guys...
News broke, that there will be a hardcore mode for all multiplayer modes.
  • No Killcam
  • Friendly Fire ON
  • No Aiming Reticule - Ironsights Only (and Scopes and Red Dot of course)
  • Higher Bullet Damage
  • No Minimap
  • No HUD whatsoever
  • No Spotting On-screen Indicators
  • Sensorballs just start to piep, when somebody moves in it's area of effect (and only a limited number active per team)
  Good news come in pairs, it seems! "
Awesome. SO excited about this game. I traded in MW2 because I was having so much fun in the BC2 beta - it just plays so much better and it's all about teamwork.
Cannot wait.
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