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Is my friend right in thinking that this can be used on PC? Or is it just the wired one/wireless one with a PC receiver that can do this?

Can't seem to find a definitive answer!

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Colbert had better watch his back.

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I *think* it was on PC (almost certain).

You were a normal dude, you get transported to this really weird planet/place (Oddworld style weird, only it's 3D - 3rd person I think). There are slaves working in the fields and I think the plot overall was to help free them.

There are these messed up camel type things that you eventually get to ride.

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It's gonna take a lot to make me overlook Tiki Towers. *scowls*

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Phew. Well this took far too long, but I finally got my review posted up.

The full thing's here if anyone wants it, but I'll pull out a couple of quotes.

At a time when most real-time strategy developers were enhancing their engines so that we can throw EVEN MORE (gasp!) enemies in one large cluster at the other team, Relic decided to scale down the numbers, ramp up the tactics and make a game that not only challenged players on a different level other than ‘He has 15 tanks. I must need 16 over there’, but one that could also afford tiny graphical and animation details that would just be wasted from a wider angle. What we were left with was characters that we felt more attached to, a sense that any skirmish can be won with the right tactics, and not a swarm tactic in sight.

Dave Barlow’s rating: 5/5. The game excels in all areas. It’s frantic, yet never overwhelming; accessible, but almost infinitely deep; lengthy, but in a rewarding, engaging way. More fun than Warcraft 3, more varied than Company of Heroes. In all honesty, Dawn of War II is the greatest real-time tactical game ever crafted. It almost received four stars, but apparently “I wish it was an MMO” isn’t a valid enough reason to dock points.
Anyone got it yet? It goes without saying that I recommend it!
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Make it wear a funny hat. Youtube stardom beckons.

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Dizzyhippos said:
"GB is alot like topgear, you come for the premise you stay for the people
"QFT", or whatever the kids say.
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In fact, can anyone suggest some music similar to this? The closest I have is probably Nick Drake's Pink Moon. In fact, I'll stick that on.

Suggestions would still be nice though. :)

PS. I decided not to get this until I've had my full enjoyment of Flower first.