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@thesecondagent: I don't quite understand what you're saying, Jeff gave P4G honorary game of the year on his personal list sight unseen, because of how much he enjoyed the original release. I think he only ever played the very opening of Golden when they did the Playstation TV stream and was super confused by Marie.

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Looks like I'll be waiting another year to buy a WiiU

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For about two years I had a permed mullet, it was great, so ask for that.

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You're considering Mass Effect 3 but haven't said if you've even played the first two! If you haven't then I recommend playing through them before touching 3. You may not enjoy some of the gameplay aspects of the first one but it's worth muscling through it for story and universe building reasons.

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I've joined the group so hopefully see some fellow duders out there.

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I'd go with the cheapest option to see if you get sucked into the series at all. No point dropping money on a Wii U primarily for MH3U. While the gameplay changes are fairly meaningful to someone who's played through the other games, if you're new you won't really notice much of a difference. If you end up really enjoying the game then I'd suggest just waiting for 4U when it comes out next year.

Is the lack of online multi-player in MHTri going to make a big difference? As I understand it, there are quests that are specific to the online mode. Is it true that MH3U allows one to play these "online only" quests in single player mode?

MH3U does allow for you to solo the multiplayer quests, but you can bring in your 2 cat companions to help a little. (you do need to progress through the story to get both)

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Tweets and Videos broken for me also, both on my laptop and iPad (chrome for both) so have been watching the new quick looks on youtube.

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Play the PS+ game first! no point in a buying a WiiU before you know if you'd like the way the game plays and if you have a 3DS then wait till 4 comes out.

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Him referencing Parappa in his blog post is the biggest "squeezing lemon in eyes" to me :( but you gotta believe!

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Also, if anyone wondered "I wonder how much it'd cost to get a copy of Babysitting Mama with the Cool Baby doll?", as I did after looking at these, it's actually pretty decently priced on Amazon. Especially if you get a used copy, which I assume comes with the doll.

I'm guessing you're in the US? 'Cause on Amazon UK a new copy is £6.95