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I knew I should have bought the one I seen in cash converters for £20

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@themangalist: The walking dead never kills you losing roughly 30 minutes of progress, then makes you see the same cutscene that can't be skipped. (which hopefully is just a bug)

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As someone who own's the gold box set on DVD and Fire Walk With Me on Blu-Ray already, is it worth dropping £50 on this?

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I will sometimes listen to the Hotline Miami soundtrack, and have listened to the Bastion soundtrack once or twice. I tend to play videos games as I listen to podcast or watch quick looks etc, so never really get to know a games soundtrack well enough to want to listen to it.

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Could some who has read the comics say if the twist at the end is made clearer in the comic books? Preferably spoiler tagged of course. I'm just curious to whether the "Ad" at the end of this episode was just a general advert for the books in general or if it was to imply that the stuff with Nerissa is expanded upon in the books.

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@rorie said:

Terraria's not bad, although I haven't given enough time to it to get used to the interface. People who have spent a bunch of time with it really seem to like it, though.

I really enjoyed the Vita version, the interface does take some time to get used to but once you understand how it works it's great.

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Rugeley, Staffordshire, England

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I never owned a memory pak for the N64 so every time I got game overs in the first two Turok games I would have to start from the beginning, my dad got really good at the first couple of missions in both if them but we never did see the end.

Edit: Also owning a GameCube with Luigi's mansion at least a month before Woolworths had any memory cards in stock was a big bummer

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Worcestershire sauce French fries or pickled onion monster munch