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"I feel like the people who pick at BioShock Infinite's various paradoxes probably aren't much fun to be around. Those sorts of plot holes pop up in plenty of great multiverse and time-travel fiction. Did you sit outside a theater in 1989 to picket Back to the Future Part II, too?"

I think what Jeff is saying is... that Biff Tannen should have ruled Columbia and that game would have been way better...

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My 3DS being now my only official gateway into the Miiverse... I gotta say it ain't great. I suppose the Miiverse you access on the 3DS is just some form of the 3DS web browser that is on it, because it is slooooow. But I was now able to sign up for Nintendo ID, so I guess I could just check the actual web browser version since that's actually quick to load.

Also if those smartphone apps they announced for it to ever come out I'm sure they'd be a much better experience than the 3DS.

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This reminds me of Patrick checking out the Nintendo TVii service last year...

...So who's legitimately using that anymore?

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You guys are goofy.

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I have watched both of the endurance runs TWICE. (While skipping through some repetitive parts the second time through)

I think it is about time I finally play this game and I hope the directors cut changes and adds enough to make it worthwhile.

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@buzz_clik: You can do it. WE believe IN YOU.

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@Brodehouse said:

Of course, Patrick must be happier than a pig in shit.


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Dammit I was really hoping for this to be out this year. But at least they're spending their time on it.

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@artgarcrunkle: You have diminished me! Farewell! Back to the woodwork! I'll be back with more posts!

Also I'm not offended I just believe you're just adding more to it by attributing people "dick riding" Ryan for apologizing over using a sexual orientation related slur. Even if it is an "ironic viewpoint".