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Yeaaaah I know this happens a lot but it kind of sucks.

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I mean... all of the content is just them playing games. What does it really matter if they finish the game or not? Like, as a publication, why would a rule be, "if we finish the game, clearly that is an endurance run and cannot be premium content." It is all arbitrary. Some things will be free, others locked. It has nothing to do with how much they play of a game, or how often it is released.

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Couldn't some of you weirdos be obsessed with something cool?

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@believer258 said:

I think what I've seen of it looks really, really good, from an aesthetic perspective at least.

I'll stand by you on that 100%.

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Megaman X2? What are you talking about!?

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@epidehl: Go for a 4 gig card for sure. That "extra" memory will go a long way in preparing for this gen.

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The ducks might seem bad, but only they know that the lunch is poisoned.

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Oh fuck, I forgot [GAME THAT IS BEING COVERED] is a thing that exists.

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It is nice that you are proud of your work.

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Attack of the Friday Monsters is incredible.

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I'm not tired of pixel art at all. I'm definitely tired of games that try to remind you of the 80's every five minutes, but what people can do if they're really going for it with pixel art is so complex it really resembles something like pointillism in painting more than anything that was happening in 16 bit video games. There was some awesome pre-video game pixel art, guys..