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The ducks might seem bad, but only they know that the lunch is poisoned.

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@bisonhero said:

Oh fuck, I forgot [GAME THAT IS BEING COVERED] is a thing that exists.

My blogs, ladies and gents

It is nice that you are proud of your work.

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Attack of the Friday Monsters is incredible.

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I'm not tired of pixel art at all. I'm definitely tired of games that try to remind you of the 80's every five minutes, but what people can do if they're really going for it with pixel art is so complex it really resembles something like pointillism in painting more than anything that was happening in 16 bit video games. There was some awesome pre-video game pixel art, guys..

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@serker: The only spooky thing about 'Gone Home' is how much praise it gets and how much it costs.

It'll probably make top 10 since most of the developers who worked on it are ex-games journalists with connections. Just take one look at Polygon's articles on Gone Home. They were hyping it as the second coming of Christ months before it came out. I get that you should help out your friends, but going that far in a profession that requires journalistic integrity is just sickening and wrong.

The game deserves 6/10 on a 2010 scale. You know, before The Princess of Lies made that kickstarter.

Pretty sure you are mistaken, my man. They are mostly former 2K Marin employees, not media types. Maybe you're confusing them with Greg Kasavin and Supergiant games?

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There is definitely many a dumb argument to be had here, but it feels more like arguing with a family member rather than a random internet person. And it's all because of the Bombsquad. We're all here because of them and what they do, so that commonality shapes the forum.

We could all have completely different tastes in games, politics, whatever, but our love for this site and, most importantly, the people who run it brings us together, puts us on common ground, and sets the overall tone for what goes on here.

The Mods are another reason for this forums strength. They share the same love for the site, and they all come across as people, rather than the familiar comment deleting drones of other sites. They are also completely fair.

That was genuinely beautiful. And here I just clicked on this thread to jokingly tell the guy to scram...

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@bisonhero: I'm almost certain the one he took was the original office Vita, not the one Jeff sent away to be operated on.

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@themanwithnoplan: Is it too late to pick up my Official Giant Bomb Holiday Hat (™)?

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Wii in summer of 2007, 360 for Christmas 2008, PS3 summer 2009.

And a Wii U for Christmas 2012..

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I see what you're saying, but at the same time I don't think a media of "go out and buy this new thing cause it's new" is healthy either. Video game culture in general can benefit from people saying you might not need to buy everything once in awhile.