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@mercutio123: He got in on some argument Phil was having already on Twitter by saying, "Can someone please remind Phil Fish that he should probably ship a fucking game first before he goes around talking a gang of shit?" Which was both incorrect (Phil previously did work with LucasArts and Ubisoft before making games independently) and weird considering what Alex does for a living (unless Alex thinks his role as community manager for Harmonix gives him the necessary credentials to write almost exclusively "gang of shit" talking reviews.)

I'm all about Alex I just think that wasn't one of his better moments.

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Disliking the art style is probably a legitimate reason to lower your review of the game, considering how much playing a game requires you to, you know, look at it. How well a game plays is basically irrelevant to me if it is insulting my eyeballs every frame.

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Wiretap on CBC Radio, This American Life, Radiolab, 99% Invisible, Retronauts, The Besties.

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Hey, we don't HAVE to do anything!

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Guys, consider for a second the amount of crêpes you could buy with all that console money.

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When you're addicted to it.

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Guys I LOVE screenshots.

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Oddly enough there are no games set in my hometown of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. But now I live in Vancouver, which was at least destroyed by reapers at the beginning of Mass Effect 3.

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By the way this was a stealth-convince-me-to-play-EarthBound-thread!

Okay so how come the series never sold more than 8 copies in North America?

  • RPGs didn't become mainstream in America yet.
  • A pretty bad marketing campaign.
  • Simple, cutesy graphics that turned some gamers off at the time.

That's why nobody bought it except me and 7 other people I guess.

And Earthbound is still a great game today. In 2013. Earthbound was a game ahead of its time and one of the earliest JRPGs to take place in a modern setting. It's funny, weird, self-aware and surprisingly emotional at times. Not at all shitty.

Also it was a very late SNES game. Jeff mentioned on the Bombcast that it came out around the time people were starting to prepare for the next gen. Also if you're asking "if the characters even have spells" I really doubt this is the game for you.