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Probably better to fall out of touch with what's current than to be one of those Dad's that wear skateboard shoes.

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I agree with you and I think a big part of it is that the podcast bubble burst a bit and people realized there was no way to make decent money from them. I know that was the reason podcasts from bigger companies died or shifted in quality (r.i.p three red lights) because the larger companies felt it was a waste of their employees time. That said the Bombcast remains amazing because they do not careeee about monetizing their three hours of magic.

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Wait, you are 20, and got out of gaming for five years until the GameCube won you back. Since that released in 2001, you were between the ages of 2 and 6 when fanboys scared you away from gaming.

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It doesn't translate terribly well, but in my native language, we have a gender neutral term for a group of people.

Will someone please help him.

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Yeah it hasn't really had the purpose of being useful since the move, but it was still a nice way to check in at the start of the week and see what the guys were up to. Otherwise nothing is ready to go up and Monday becomes this silent production day.

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Great, thanks!

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I think you also need to understand where the term "concept album" comes from, and maybe if you did you wouldn't judge it so strictly. The music industry was singles-based until the mid-to-late sixties, and LP's were basically a way for record companies to throw a bunch of singles on a record, fill the remaining space with some filler, and resell those singles for more money to customers who weren't keeping up to date with the 7" records as they were released. So a "concept album," a term that became popular with the Beatles and Sgt. Peppers, was really more of an idea that the album would be cohesive, and songs would relate to each other and be tracked in a certain order in a more deliberate way than had been done previously.

The term isn't very useful any more since this is what we now expect from an album. Even the most shameless pop album usually has some sort of concept conceit beyond "here are a bunch of tracks in whatever order."

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@mercutio123: He got in on some argument Phil was having already on Twitter by saying, "Can someone please remind Phil Fish that he should probably ship a fucking game first before he goes around talking a gang of shit?" Which was both incorrect (Phil previously did work with LucasArts and Ubisoft before making games independently) and weird considering what Alex does for a living (unless Alex thinks his role as community manager for Harmonix gives him the necessary credentials to write almost exclusively "gang of shit" talking reviews.)

I'm all about Alex I just think that wasn't one of his better moments.

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Disliking the art style is probably a legitimate reason to lower your review of the game, considering how much playing a game requires you to, you know, look at it. How well a game plays is basically irrelevant to me if it is insulting my eyeballs every frame.