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I'm in Dublin! I'm not much use at fighting games (or generally as active on here as I used to be forums-wise) but I'd definitely be up for going to something like this and losing horribly.

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Have always had a soft spot for the Dynasty Warriors series. I can't explain why but there is just some kind of zen quietude to slicing up entire armies. Even the fact that the same missions pop up in almost every iteration feels like being greeted by an old friend. I don't play every mosou game that hits but I always enjoy the ones I do.

I really liked Dragon's Dogma but I think (among regular fans, anyway) that it has gained a pretty large cult following so it isn't universally hated on.

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Just keep applying and keep trying to get through. I got the job I am currently in after two internships on top of 3 years of experience in the company beforehand and even then my final interview was really, really tight between me and another candidate. It's tough but hanging tough and keeping going will get you there eventually. It's a slog, a really unpleasant slog but it's worth it once you can get there. These days doing unpaid work for a period of time is generally the best way to get through, but even then this isn't a guarantee it all depends on you getting lucky with staff turnover, impressing the right people and generally just being lucky as hell.

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God let's hope so.

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Freespace 2

Deus Ex

Tony Hawk's Pro-Skater 3

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Wouldn't mind if someone were to hook me up with a code, have not been able to get the game yet but wouldn't mind getting a head-start for when payday rolls around!

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@louiedog: How many arms are backed into?

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If you think Duke Nukem Forever was mediocre instead of abysmal you have bizarre standards.

I am enjoying Rage even though I think I'm on the underwhelming last mission I've been hearing about. The car-combat is a nice change of pace and the actual shooting is enjoyable. It's not going to change the genre but it's definitely a decent FPS with some very minor RPG elements. It's definitely a more well put together package than Borderlands which felt like it was struggling to hold itself together every second I played it. It's probably also worth pointing out that the two aren't really similar beyond the setting. I have a feeling the OP will just ignore all of this and call me names or something though.

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h4rdc0r3g4m3r is one of the worst I've seen recently. He was really good at Gears which made it even more annoying. My favourite came from the Red Faction Guerilla MP beta, a player called Muslim_Mom joined and proceeded to absolutely dominate. It was pretty great.

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Most of the ones I get come in boxes with "not for resale" on them (the disc inside these copies is generally also white and features no art) or in jewel cases just displaying the name of the game. Even for the rare copies I get that I could sell on I have never felt tempted to. I've only been doing this for a year but I see it as being ethically bad-form, also it wouldn't be a very profitable venture at all.