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I use the Xbox One Internet Explorer and it works fantastically (though I only watch archived video, not streams.) Just hit play on the video, hit full screen, and go. It's pretty much the only way I watch Giant Bomb these days.

This. Works surprisingly well.

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@steadyingmeat: Yeah, probably, totally... but I dunno, in my gut I feel like Fallout 4 could happen, despite whatever they have said publicly. Maybe just wishful thinking.

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Likely: Tomb Raider sequel reveal

Maybe: Fallout 4 reveal

Longshot: Crackdown 3??

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The change to the Polygon-style avatar is a troll right? That's something Dan would do right?

That is totally something Dan would do and I love him for it.

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I'm kinda hoping for someone who is not a white straight dude, but as far as white straight dudes go, Dan would be great.

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Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Very cool idea!

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ID: Evan Favreau

This game is pretty fun, and I need PSN friends

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Gamertag: EvanFavreau

US Central

Launch games: Battlefield 4. ACIV? Dead Rising? I dunno.

I can always use more XBL friends/followers/whatever, so add me! By the way, is anyone else using the Xbox One Smartglass app yet? It's like having the Xbox One UI on your iPad...kinda cool.

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I'll add to the chorus. Just attempted to add a game to one of my lists, and ever after I see the green bar saying "List Updated," the new game is nowhere to be found. (Oddly, the new number ranking for the games that were previously on the list are saved, as if the new game was added correctly.)