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This game is pretty fun, and I need PSN friends

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US Central

Launch games: Battlefield 4. ACIV? Dead Rising? I dunno.

I can always use more XBL friends/followers/whatever, so add me! By the way, is anyone else using the Xbox One Smartglass app yet? It's like having the Xbox One UI on your iPad...kinda cool.

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I'll add to the chorus. Just attempted to add a game to one of my lists, and ever after I see the green bar saying "List Updated," the new game is nowhere to be found. (Oddly, the new number ranking for the games that were previously on the list are saved, as if the new game was added correctly.)

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Hoping to jump in and get going at this game. Looking for cool Origin friends and regions to join.

ID: EvanFavreau

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Boy, I don't know. It could still turn out to be great, but the unnecessarily-complicated crafting system and the dude fighting worry me. Looks pretty though (except for an isolated spot where the frame rate dropped to low digits, and then to ZERO.)

@JeanLuc said:

By the way if you play it I recommend you go to settings and switch the aiming to classic. It changes to weapon handing back to original dead space. Why that isn't the default is beyond me.

That's good to know, the aiming & shooting was one of my complaints as well. Seemed...off.

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Awesome! Makes me wish I was playing on PC instead of Wii U.

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Anyone playing this on the Wii U? I'm really enjoying it so far, but I've found myself playing it only on the gamepad (the game has a specific "No TV" mode). With that it just turns into a very pretty DS game, basically. Which is ultimately fine and dandy, because it looks great and it's a lot of fun, and it's easier to play that way.

I'm wondering if anyone else has been playing it the same way. And I wonder if this is indicative of (some) future Wii U games being, basically, pretty $60 DS games.


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I haven't listened to this since 2008, but is it also where Dyack goes on and on about a one-console future?

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I just tried the demo and it didn't really work. To be fair, I have a fairly small living room area, so not all Kinect games work the best, but Dance Central works perfectly for me. But my main problem was while playing my Avatar would keep slowly spinning. So the game would tell me to move forward to shoot, but if my Avatar had spun around, I myself would have to move backwards to go forwards in the game. This meant I couldn't actually grab the wrecking ball. (Confusing, right?)

So basically this game doesn't work for me, at least with my living room. Too bad, too, I was hoping it'd be pretty fun. But you should try the demo and see for yourself.

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I had a lot of fun with this game on PS2. I remember being super impressed at the time with the open world. But my god, I can't imagine what it would be like to play it now.