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If anyone needs it, beta code for PS3: 22T3-2MNN-BRH4

Been playing on PS4 and first impression is tremendous.

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I use the Xbox One Internet Explorer and it works fantastically (though I only watch archived video, not streams.) Just hit play on the video, hit full screen, and go. It's pretty much the only way I watch Giant Bomb these days.

This. Works surprisingly well.

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@steadyingmeat: Yeah, probably, totally... but I dunno, in my gut I feel like Fallout 4 could happen, despite whatever they have said publicly. Maybe just wishful thinking.

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Likely: Tomb Raider sequel reveal

Maybe: Fallout 4 reveal

Longshot: Crackdown 3??

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The change to the Polygon-style avatar is a troll right? That's something Dan would do right?

That is totally something Dan would do and I love him for it.

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I'm kinda hoping for someone who is not a white straight dude, but as far as white straight dudes go, Dan would be great.

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Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Very cool idea!

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ID: Evan Favreau

This game is pretty fun, and I need PSN friends

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Gamertag: EvanFavreau

US Central

Launch games: Battlefield 4. ACIV? Dead Rising? I dunno.

I can always use more XBL friends/followers/whatever, so add me! By the way, is anyone else using the Xbox One Smartglass app yet? It's like having the Xbox One UI on your iPad...kinda cool.