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Sure put my name down, I am in Ireland and am a 27 warlock at the moment, if I am online send me an invite.

psn: evanom2003

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With gamers as a group supposedly getting older I taught that things would get more civilised and tolerant about things that really don't matter when some serious things like ebola are happening all over the world, and the most important thing to a certain group is some women who made a video game which is destorying what people think of someone who identifes as a gamer(hate that word but suits what I want to say), I wish we could turn back time to the cultures childhood days and argue if Nintendo or Sega is better.

Its why I avoid alot of this(which I consider bullshit) I come to Giantbomb as I enjoy the podcast and watch the quick looks to get impressions of new games. I usually avoid forums and gaming websites

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Here is 3 EU codes




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mine is evanom2003

timezone GMT, I work late shift work sometimes so can be playing at anytime depends on when I am finished work

Feel free to add me, mostly play single player but will play multi now and again if need people to play.

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Yep that is exactly what I experienced

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I don't find it that much of a problem, why should people make money off the work of somebody else. This is a developers decision but was Youtube's to allow monetization of video's, sure people will be getting fucked but this should never have been allowed from the start

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yeah of course, he acted the way out the way I was feeling for most of this, uninterested and wanting it to finish

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Looks like it plays like Elite Beat Agents and looks just stupid enough for it not to be dumb, I'm into that. Also secretly want that announcer to be in everything I play now.