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@chem: You should comment more. :D

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@patrickklepek - Turns out the entire #GamerGate movement was orchestrated by an anti-SJW group and almost none of it is true: http://imgur.com/a/Mfh61

@alex "the industry's Frost v Nixon" You are great, Alex. :D

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The more important issue is that we should all use Kelvin. It's the only logical way to measure temperature.

Yes! Also, Swatch Internet Time. Time zones are dumb.

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Considering Carmack's tweet and Facebook's response, I'm willing to bet that Carmack (being the smart guy that he is) just re-wrote the code that Zenimax may have had claim to. In programming, TMTOWTDI, which would make Carmack/Facebook's claims true while making Zenimax none the wiser, thinking they might have a claim against Facebook.

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The RFC says brackets are reserved, so they should be escaped... and it looks like the URLs in the feed are actually encoded, it's just the browser is decoding them for you when you're looking at the page. If you look at the source, you'll see:

<a href="http://www.giantbomb.com/podcasts/download/810/Giant_Bombcast_03_25_2014_%5BPremium%5D-03-25-2014-4153733564.mp3"></a>

I don't know how DoggCatcher is parsing the XML, but it seems valid. I might be wrong.

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Brackets are technically valid in a URL. I saw a screenshot of DoggCatcher in another thread, and it looks like there was a java illegal character error. I think the author of the app needs to escape/encode the brackets or quote the URL string, so I don't think the error is on GiantBomb's side.

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Hello Top Men!

Help! Firefox is trying to scare me when I log in with an image of a crossing guard holding a book.

It looks like your brand new DigiCert SSL certificate is good, but you might have forgot about installing the required intermediate certificates. You're not a root authority yet! :D

You can plug in 'https://auth.giantbomb.com' into this and check it out for yourself here.

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If you can't wait for a fix, you can click on the RSS link to get access to the direct MP3 URL and download it that way.

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@brashnir said:

In your description of Machinima as "recording dumb shit that somehow involves video games," you've also managed to pretty much define Giant Bomb.

I think Jeff is only against "dumb shit that somehow involves video games" when it has a pretentious name attached to it.

Though Jeff does make odd comments like this occasionally... comments like he's just an outside observer peering into some bizarre circus, when he is clearly the ringleader.

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Tomorrow! :D

I've never played a Monster Hunter before, but I did play a lot of Phantasy Star Online... how hard can it be?

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