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#1 Posted by Evenstar (67 posts) -

Silent Hill and Resident Evil

#2 Posted by Evenstar (67 posts) -

The first game I played online was Lost Planet 2. I needed help with a boss fight and I got lucky that someone wanted to help me.

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The Hobbit of course. It's my favorite book.

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@RockmanBionics: This is like I wrote it my self a couple of years ago, when I felt good about my self at least most of the time. Except for the part that "if I don't love my self, then no one else will either" Never really understand that, maybe because some people in my life made it seem like something wrong to like yourself, maybe because they didn't like them self and don't want anyone else to feel good either. Well I hope I find my way back to that person again someday and I think I'm on the right track, still have some parts of me that I have to accept and be comfortable with.

But to answer the thread I do not hate my self but I don't love my self completely either.

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I love the book, I actually read it now for the third time and I can not wait until the movie comes, I just know that it will be as great as LOTR.

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My favorite speech...hm... lets see for now it`s probably when Buffy talk to her sister befor she take her one life to save the world in seson 5 episode 22

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The hardest thing in this world is to live in it!

#7 Posted by Evenstar (67 posts) -

Ugh!!! I would NEVER eat insects. I can`t even hold them.

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You can never describe what Love is it`s a feeling and you get happy just by see the other person or get a call or messages from that person and always thinking of him or her. And ther also have to be trust and respect ofcourse.

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I don`t mind replay a game. Maybe not right after I finished it, I play something else first. Something new if I have one, or I'll take another game I have already played.

#10 Posted by Evenstar (67 posts) -

Horror/survival games because they have so good stories and adventure games.

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