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Pretty much the above. I have some extra money, hours that prohibit going to a shop and a 3DS, anyone know any good download only games?

I already own Liberation Maiden, Crimson Shroud and Mighty Switch Force.

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With Heroes of the Storm and Heart of the Swarm, I feel like Blizzard need to continue this trend with Hellbeasts of the Scourge, a Diablo 3 expansion that features a dungeon themed entirely around hell. Like, proper hell, not their namby pamby hell.

WoW could go with something like Horde on the Surge, an expansion where the Horde find new power and attempt to take Azeroth by force. It's a PVP-centred expansion mostly that will change the areas that belong to each faction on PvP shards. The Alliance have their own story that involves them developing their power in response.

Anyone else got any HOTS new ideas for Blizzard game expansions?

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I've been playing Dogma for about twenty hours and I'm SERIOUSLY going to miss jumping onto monsters and hacking at them, even if I have to relearn, every time I play, why it is a horrible idea to clamber onto a dragon or a griffin when they're about to take off and an EVEN WORSE IDEA to fell them while flying. The horrifying SPLAT is a welcome punishment.

I HATED playing Dark Souls because I just can't accept "we hid this guy around a corner lol" as good design and some of the areas, like Ariamis and Blighton are just fucked and aggressively annoying.

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Yay for more Double Fine!

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I like my noodles to taste like the sea. Plenty of soy sauce, as many vegetables as I can find and a piece of fish: half diced (or pulled) and put in, the other half as garnish. Oh, and some extra salt too.

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Don't Sony have a disquieting tendency to brick consoles during updates? Keep hold of your receipt, I guess.

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So this is for use in tandem with an xbox controller, right? I can't see this thing doing well in skyrim, super meat boy or L4D